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  1. First of thanks for the responses and I accept the snide remarks as in my moment of panic I failed to use the resources at my disposal (THE SEARCH BUTTON!@#%). I think my stomach and blood pressue really loosened up when I saw the rocket cart! Oh well, off to read more... John
  2. Hello all, Background: I purchased a leftover 2005 YZ450F on Saturday 3/18/05. At prep time, the tech topped off the radiator fluid practically to the cap. I have been starting the bike everyday since to warm it up and ride it just a bit to check out the starting and tempurature cycle the bike. Yesterday, 3-5 minutes after starting the bike, we noticed radiator fluid dripping out of the overflow hose. I shut off the bike immediately and let it cool a bit then checked the radiator fluid. The level was just below the closure point near the cap. Looked good. Today, around dusk/near dark, I started the bike again. After about 3 minutes, I noticed the exhaust pipe right at the engine was glowing a bit from the connection point to about 3 inches. I immediately shut off the bike, checked the fluid and the level looked good. Is this right? Does this happen during the day and you just don't notice it because of the light? Is the bike running to lean and getting to hot? PLEASE ADVISE!!! John
  3. YZ_Dingus

    05 Flywheel Change...

    Greetings all, I am interested in changing out my flywheel to smooth things out. I have heard (and read) this is a "15 minute" job. At this point, I am not concerned about my mechanic ability but rather what doing this job really entails. Will the GYT-R Off-Road Flywheel come with specific instructions? Or is there a manual I should refer to? I have told you simply "remove the case cover, take off the nut and washer and replace the stock flywheel". More detail here would be most appreciated. Thanks! edited just for grammar