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  1. Same problem with my new bike. Would not idle without choke. Take float bowl off the carburetor and clean out the dirt. Mine had lots of "crude" in it, including plugged pilot jet. Remove the jets and blow out with compressed air. Put a 45 pilot also.
  2. Could someone find part number and post the correct part number for this needle?
  3. Ville...don't take this the wrong way...cause I enjoy your posts and I am a Dahlstrom. I believe: glue is clue and change is chance! As in " I don't have clue" and " I will have a chance to ride." Im not really into grammer...just thought I'd help.
  4. Ville....Will the 2008 exhaust work on the 2010?
  5. Take the seat off. There are two ground wires from the battery, the big one is for the starter the other small brown probably runs the ignition. If it is turning over it has enough juice to run the ignition.
  6. Ruderacing...thanks for reply. Now I know I did not have to remove the case, only the water pump impeler. I pulled the shaft out anyway, since I had case off. The shaft itself was also worn. If it leaks again I will have to replace the shaft. Rode all day today and no problem with leak. Thanks again for info!
  7. No need to answer. I figured out. Hold crank with special bolt. Hold water pump/balancer shaft with special bolt and re-assemble. Will be riding tommorrow! Thanks anyways!
  8. I have the case off for inner seal. But how do you time it? There is a mark on the gear...looks like they are using the water pump shaft as a balance shaft also? Also, do you have to get the two torx bolts off to get shaft and seal out?
  9. Not a first for Yamaha either! Approx: 1987 to 1990 TZ 250's all had carburetors in the front and exhaust out the rear!
  10. In regards to map changing to the on board computer controlled EFI: Yamaha website says their hand-held device plugs into bike and does not require lap-top. You will be able to download different maps with GYT device no extra computer needed!
  11. Thanks for the reply. I have had my suspension done and love the KTM...but, there are times and certain tracks that I have trouble with suspension. Could just be me, but I think I'm ready to try something different. I had the 07 KTM also so it's been a few years. Thanks again for your input, it did help!
  12. Off subject and just curious. How do you like your kawi compared to the 08 450 KTM you had? I have an 08 KTM and ready to try something new. Thanks for any input.
  13. Who makes the piston? THANKS
  14. For us people who are not as strong...use two vise-grips and compress spring in the middle on opposite sides. I find this easier.
  15. Go to you tube and type in :cartridge fork rebuild.