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  1. 450wr-rider

    ok i screwed up bad i think

    Well i was on ebay and found a set of tag triple clamps i really liked them paid alot for them. My mistake im not the most smartest of bike people but the clamps are a hair to big for my 04 wr450 .so my questions is this am i screwed out of hundreds or are the shims or something i can use. thanks for the help
  2. anybody know, also will a 2005 yz 250 seat fit a 2004 wr 450. thx
  3. 450wr-rider

    I want to change sprockets ,but to what?

    its all stock at that point <50 on the back and whatever stock is on the front.
  4. Hey I have a balls to the wall 04 wr 450 but i ride with 08 yz 450's, my question is what would be a great ratio for gears to have a awsome low end power ,on the straight stretch my bike walks past them but when it comes to them doing wheelies or holeshot races they have me beat.any ideas???
  5. HI anybody purchase the warn 4x4 disconnect or made somthimg of there own to use >the wife has a hell of a time using our quad.
  6. Hello Anybody know were or what these yz shrouds are to mount the tank.I have a 04 wr 450 and i am changing tanks just because.any help would be appreciated.
  7. 450wr-rider

    wr 450 big bore ?????????

    cool thx guys i appreciate it.
  8. 450wr-rider

    wr 450 big bore ?????????

    ego thing , my friends have yzf's and i must make mine the baddest---all about ego
  9. 450wr-rider

    wr 450 big bore ?????????

    anybody done a 450 bigbore yet , whatever the company they use. tell me what you think, ive got a 2004 wr450 full set of hotcams performance jetted and yoshi pipe , thinkin of doin a big bore--------any help
  10. 450wr-rider

    mix n match exhaust ?????

    thankx murrey thats was the most helpful in my decision
  11. 450wr-rider

    mix n match exhaust ?????

    awsome thanks alot guys n gals:ride:
  12. 450wr-rider

    mix n match exhaust ?????

    i have a yoshi pipe on my wr 450 but stock header pipe has anybody ever mixed up companys before . i would like to see if i could get a powerbomb on the bike.anybody out there:excuseme:
  13. A question to any 450 owners im at a crossroad weather to purchase a set of hotcams. What was your reaction to applying them, was it worth all the money for that little gain and the dent in the wallet or is there other alternatives. i already have a full yoshi exhaust and a awsome suspension . Absolutly any thoughts or ideas ????Yes i could have bought a yz , wr has things i like .
  14. I hope this hasent been asked a hundred times but what is the real difference between them both . Sorry if its been asked lots!