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  1. Honda

    I never found anywhere in the directions in the HRC kit to remove the airboxlid, but I found it is a must after our last trip to glamis.
  2. Honda

    Should I remove the airbox lid from my 06 trx450r. I know some carb tech need some vaccume in the airbox, but I am not sure that the small opening is enough. I just put in the HRC kit and it didnt address the airbox at all so i assumed that is should just be left on. Thanks, please respond
  3. Honda

    and yes we jetted it to kit standards
  4. Honda

    yes, it included a jet kit, a cam and a pipe along with some plugs for the air intake
  5. Honda

    But did it happen after you put the HRC hit in?
  6. Hi, I have a 2006 trx450r and it was great and had no engine abnormalitys untill I put a HRC kit, in and then the pipe started glowing red hot! Never seen this before and I don't like the light show my quad is putting on. I have read about this with other quads, but never a honda 450r. and yes i can use the search feature. thanks, please respond