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  1. reedski

    Places to ride in NW IL or NE IA

    I'm south of Bellevue. Where are you?
  2. Mods....if this is in the wrong place please move or remove.... I have a new in package Moose sprocket I no longer need. Bought this in addition to a 14 for my 650L. Sold the L with the 14 so I have this. If interested text me five6three2four955zero6.
  3. reedski

    300 Pictures

    01 300 EXC in its natural environment..........
  4. reedski

    What did you do to your pig today?

    Picked up a dual exhaust set up off of a crf and threw it on the pig. I had already relocated the shoari battery.
  5. reedski

    1997 650L supermoto need help.

    Edgeman6000.... What do you have for an exhaust? Looks like the setup off of a 06ish 250. I have a 250 dual exhaust that I am toying with for my 650L. I also have the shoari battery re-located. Sorry for the thread-jack....
  6. reedski

    Differences in an 02 300exc and 03 250sx....

    Thanks for the info. Answered all my questions. -Reedski
  7. I have the 02 300 exc and have found an 03 250sx with a crapped out motor that I could use some parts off of. What's the compatability for the components other than the motors? Thanks, Reedski
  8. reedski

    Dual Sport Ride

    Packed up and ready to head out early tomorrow morning. I got the KTM registered so I'm looking forward to touring the park if time allows. I'm planning on being there around 8.
  9. reedski

    650l starting problems

    Same problem here. '02. Not that big of deal but the older I get, the more of a pain in the arse it can be. Did it to me on a dual sport ride last fall. Stopped at a bottle neck and shut it off to wait. Tried to start it but it just cranked over and over but wouldn't fire. I ended up pushing it out of the woods (no easy task) into a field so I could push and pop start it. I made sure I didn't stall it or shut if off on the trail again. No idea of the problem. Any ideas would be great.
  10. reedski

    Dual Sport Ride

    Thanks for the info. I've got a Honda XR650L and a KTM 300 exc. Both are licensed but neither is registered for DNR parks. Where could I take care of this? I'd love to tour the park. I'm planning on riding the Honda but might bring both. Suggestions???
  11. reedski

    Dual Sport Ride

    Planning on coming over for the ride. Anyone else from around Dubuque or Bellevue headed that way?
  12. reedski

    Iowa Riders

    I'm a bit south of Bellevue....."East Coast"!
  13. reedski

    Nov. 4 Leaf River dual sport

    Thanks for the info. I'm going to try to make it but I will be gone to the Iowa - Indiana football game on the 31st so it depends on whats going on with the family.
  14. reedski

    Nov. 4 Leaf River dual sport

    What does this ride involve? I have been riding since I was a kid (now 45) but I have never done an actual event. I have already looked at the flyer, but what would I need to know before getting into this event? Thanks!
  15. Clutch was slipping so I replaced the clutch disks and pressure plate. All was good for a short while and now the clutch is starting to slip a bit under hard acceleration? Any ideas on what to do next? Other than this problem, the bike has been great! Cheap, reliable, not afraid to drop it accidentally, and it just keeps going and going and going....... Thanks!