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  1. nomasmoney

    The DR-z just Died

    I was riding my DR-z400 around town today, when the engine began to sputter then eventually seize. At first I thought it may have been the sparkplug, but I restarted the bike and drove off fine. Untill I stopped at a stop sign. While taking off in first gear the engine apbruptly stalled, while making a very lound gringing noise near the back brake lever. Now the bike wont even start. Have you had any similar problems? any Recomendations & insights would be a big help.
  2. nomasmoney

    Call me the newbie

    Im' getting the hang of things
  3. nomasmoney

    Exhaust help

    I'm looking for a new exhaust sytem for my 05 DR-Z400,theres just to many different brands to choose from. Any recomendations. Also Any jetting info would be usefull
  4. nomasmoney

    Call me the newbie

    This is my first thread. I own an 05 Drz400. Any info on the bike would help me out.