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  1. superslowtard

    How many VOR owners are out here?

    Sme530 in idaho
  2. superslowtard

    02 VOR SME 530 will idle but won't rev, flywheel issues?

    well we did find a woodruff key broke in half, we are going to try a fiberglass resion to hold in the cracked magnet. Thanks for all the help, will let you all know the final out come when we get to it.....
  3. Working on my dads 02 530sme. He parked bike after a ride. A few days later started bike and went to give it gas, and it wouldn't rev up, would spit and spuder while giving gas. He tore carb. apart a few times and looked good. I see were some on had luck replacing the spark plug end cap, he did that and same issue. I removed ignition side cover thinking the magnets on the flywheel had moved, they look good however one magnet is cracked and chipped, (could this cause the issue in timing allowing it to idle but not work well when reving it up?) It looks like we will have to get a new flywheel assembly, but where?
  4. superslowtard

    VOR OEM Graphics 1998-2001 400-503

    graphics kit? too 2002 VOR 530sme
  5. superslowtard

    Best Urban Asault Tire?

    I am running the Avon distanzia now on my sm and I like them a lot, they hook up good in the dirt and don't do too bad on the street