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  1. whoa. This post is so old I don't even remember righting it. I sold that bike 2 yrs ago
  2. I haven't hit that trail since about 2008. Yes a lot has been fenced off. I can't say for sure that it's still open. If I had to guess I would say yes. Almost all the main trails are open and marked. It's mostly smaller trails that were closed. There is a map on friends of jawbone http://www.jawbone.org/foj/index.php?option=com_content&view=section&id=6&Itemid=111 You can probably find that trail there.
  3. I ride Dove quite a bit. I have some good stock tank loops. I know a lot of the Mojave area (SOCAL mtn). Msg me if you want to ride
  4. California

    R.I.P. One of the better friends that I have ever had... Such a huge loss!!!
  5. Motocross

    You forgot about the skinny jeans!!!
  6. Supercross

    Cunningham was "racing"... He wasnt a lapper and was battleing. He knows the game. He just better realize that no special grace will be given to him if he is ever in Tomac's shoes.
  7. Motocross

    Dunno if this link has been posted yet. http://www.speedcafe.com.au/2009/12/03/chad-reed-aims-for-v8-supercars-in-2011/
  8. Motocross

    Hope they are not on 350's!!!!!!
  9. Motocross

    Sux, he was doing well torwards the end of the outdoor season
  10. Supercross

    I thought I heard that Reed might be riding RED...... Anyone else heard this????? I caught wind of Suzuki filing chapter 11.....
  11. Supercross

    [/color][/b] Dude, considering Alessi was out 3/4 of this season, yes. Do you honestly think a healthy Alessi would have lost to Reed? Reed only won 5 races.....
  12. Supercross

    +1 on that
  13. Supercross

    I know that Suzuki is broke. I would'nt mind this at all!!!!
  14. Supercross

    I'm shocked. I know he has issues off the track, but his carrer is shot now..... "Very" disappointing!!!!!
  15. Supercross

    If I remember correctly Reed has mentioned stomach issues. I know that stress can cause ulcers, ulcerative colitis and Crohns disease can cause a dramatic weight loss. Whatever it is, I do know that he has lost a whole lot of weight. To train and ride at his level, with a serious illness is a tremendous challenge, let alone being our points leader!!!!! "The most consistant rider wins championships" Because others have injured themselves or have chosen not to ride the outdoors is not Reeds fault!!!!! I wish him the best on a speedy recovery....