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  1. oldandbroken


    It's irritating with the current crop of riders that you run into now days. You mention On Any Sunday and the think it's a football movie. THERE NOT WORTHY!
  2. I posted earlier in this thread. 56 and wrestled the 450 XCF through a 70 mile Hare scramble last Saturday in southern Utah. Had a blast, it rained most of the night and made conditions perfect. Wet sand at speed is fun.
  3. oldandbroken

    2009 450 sx-f DC stator output for fan?

    I'm running the stock tank. I do have an Acerbis tank that doesn't have clearance for a fan. I had the tall impellor, put the stock back in for a test. I'm wondering if the tall pump moves the coolant through the radiator faster than it can cool it, thereby adding to the heating problem.
  4. oldandbroken

    2009 450 sx-f DC stator output for fan?

    I have an FMF carbon fiber silencer. And I added the cool pad to the tank while it was off. I'm pretty sure the jetting is real close and plan to follow up with that when I get to the race location. It is at a lower elevation.
  5. oldandbroken

    2009 450 sx-f DC stator output for fan?

    Sorry I didn't take any pictures, didn't think of it at the time, but it looks just like the one on their web site. I threw in a lithium ion battery while I was at it. From what I gather, the high output stator requires the matching flywheel. Might be change in diameter. What started this process is that I drove 7 hrs to a race a couple of weeks ago that featured deep, loose sand while weaving through tight brush. I started blowing steam and finally had to give it up when the gas started boiling in the tank. I decided that the race wasn't worth the engine. We're headed 6 hrs to another race it about 10 days. Would like to avoid a repeat.
  6. oldandbroken

    2009 450 sx-f DC stator output for fan?

    I mounted the Trail Tech setup. Nice fit, seems to be able to maintain idling in the driveway
  7. oldandbroken

    2009 450 sx-f DC stator output for fan?

    I have the same bike, same problem. I was looking at the Trail Tech fan that pulls 30 watts. The stator I think is rated at 42 watts. Not sure if that is enough to maintain the battery.
  8. How about 56 and mounted on a KTM 450 XCF, still hitting the Hare and Hounds and as much single track as possible.
  9. oldandbroken

    Need some help learning about 08 450 XC-F

    I've got the same bike. I just changed the piston at 135 hrs, the rings were shot. Way too long. On the oil pump, I went through the parts catalog and anything that had an updated part number I replaced. The old parts looked brand new but I thought there must be a reason. There's some threads on KTMTalk. Rocky Mountain had most of them in stock. I installed the DJH manual tensioner that helps put more oil to the exhaust cam. The suspension had been done for the previous owner so I had to redoe it for my weight (215). It works very well in the desert.
  10. oldandbroken

    She'll rotella t6 5w40 full synth

    I've run the Mobil 1 4T or Valvoline 4T for years in bikes. I started using the Rotella T last year in a KTM with a Rekluse clutch because I was getting some clutch squeal on engagement. This has a common oil supply for trans and engine so the oil has to be clutch compatible. KTM recommends Motorex 10w-50 oil that is about $16 a qt, at RM, but states that as long as the oil meets the JASO T903 MA standard it's acceptable. I think as long as you meet that standard your basics are covered. The Rotella T is about $13 a gal. at Wally World.
  11. oldandbroken

    She'll rotella t6 5w40 full synth

    I've been using the Rotella T 15-40, that's what Rekluse suggests to reduce clutch squeal. Just had the engine apart and it looked brand new. Changed the piston just because it was out already.
  12. oldandbroken

    '09 450 XCF engine lock bolt?

    PM sent. The way I understand it is that the mark on the camshaft drive gear is used for installation of that gear. It doesn't come into play for valve adjustment. I finally went through the pictures in the Dirtrider article, looks very familiar. I just changed the piston in mine last week.
  13. oldandbroken

    '09 450 XCF engine lock bolt?

    The flanges on the cams that straddle the cam bearing away from the gears have a flat spot on them. When the engine is at tdc, they will be parallel to the gasket surface. You can lay a straight edge on them and it should be flat. There is as special tool that replaces the bearing cap and holds them in place while you tighten the sprocket bolts. As far as the lock bolt, with the original bolt and copper washer out, I stick a philips screw driver in the hole then slowly work the crank with a socket on the flywheel bolt until the screw driver tip finds the hole in the crank. Then you can install the lock bolt (8x1.25 with about 50mm of thread and ground to a point) and snug in into the hole.
  14. Where was this when I was putting my cams in this morning? Trial and error worked again. But this calculator is simple.
  15. oldandbroken

    450 XC F piston life question

    Finally got time to pull a piston. Top ring gap measures .165 and the manual shows .0315. This is @ 135 hrs. Cylinder looks good and the piston has almost no wear. A new piston and rings and I'm back in business.