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  1. never mind- went straight to rekluse. love these forums, though. tons of great info! thanks all.
  2. i have spent hours trying to find a way to buy a rekluse e axle through tt to no avail. can anyone help? thanks.
  3. i bought a one inch extension with large pad built in from great, very well made. easy to install. he recommends heat to get plastic tip out, but i just drilled a 1/4" or 3/8"hole down the middle of it and it came right out.
  4. got mine. install was painless except had to make a "y"connector because i have baja designs light kit.wfo!
  5. just noticed this post. does my 03 450mxc have similar problem? thanks.
  6. i am stumped by the (probably easy) way to find the source and part no. for a fan kit for my '03 450mxc that i keep hearing about. would someone please point me in the right direction? thanks.
  7. wasn't looking for a bike, but ran across a 450mxc '03 model. bought it. great shape,has power now thing, shark fins, complete baja designs light kit. gave $3300. did i do ok or not? i really have no idea, but love the bike. thanks.