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  1. ccman60

    '79 RM 80 - bike has been sitting years

    Good looking RM80. I would get it running before trying to sell it. Take carb off, then bowl, pull the jets out and either toss them and get new ones or try to clean them. If you are unsure about taking the carb apart, take pics with a digital camera or even a cell phone. Carbs sre an easy DIY fix.
  2. I stopped by the Ranger Station in Rolla Missouri a couple years ago and got all the Missouri maps. Just bought a AR Gazzeteer so I should be good to go. looking forward to a couple AR trips this year.
  3. Last year bought a 05 with a little less than 700 miles on the clock for 3800. Have over 5000 miles on it now and really like the bike. Can do road riding as well as off road. So far the only things I have changed are a taller handle bar and a Seat Concept seat. Good luck.
  4. ccman60

    How about that Dungey kid!

    Go Dungey
  5. ccman60

    drz400 wheel on a dr650

    I think if we do a little research, a DR350 rear wheel is pretty much a bolt on. I need to check, but I think you use your 650 rotor and spacers on the 350's wheel. But like I said, need to double check.
  6. ccman60


    I have a 05 DR650 and a 98 DR350se. Two copletely different bikes. The 350 does feel lighter, more trail worthy. Plus I like the 6 speed when I do need to hit the pavement to connect trails. Love both bikes' and both for the most part do anything I ask them.
  7. Glad to see you have made your choice. It will be a good bike. I see you are from OK. Any good Dual Sport riding on the eastern side?? We were thinkingabout a camping trip around Lake O Cherokee or any area around there.
  8. Good read. I can relate. My wife has been riding with me for the 33 years we have been married, and I still worry about taking her on a too tough trail. She rides a DR 200se and gets along pretty good. In your write up you talk about a "map". What map are you refering too? Thanks, Cman.
  9. ccman60

    Help me spend my birthday $

    All the people in the know say a carb really wakes up the bike. Gets rid of the surging. Thats whats next for me anyway.
  10. ccman60

    2000 DRZ400E Makeover

    Great looking bike.
  11. ccman60

    Whats going on with this DR200? (Backfiring)

    I would pull the carb and give it a good cleaning. With todays gas being what it is, it doesn't take much to mess up a carb. ( And jets are cheap )
  12. ccman60

    Carb rebuild kit 98 DR350

    I don't know about a carb kit, but all gaskets and jets are readdily available.
  13. ccman60

    Clip from today's trail ride!

    Great Vid. Looks like you had a good ride. I think riding trails on a trials bike is alot of fun. Mountain bike motorized. Though I don't ride anything modern, my 76 KT250 is alot of fun on the trails. Same with my TL250. Just plain fun. I do like the 2 stroke better though.
  14. Love this read. Every motorcycle will have a auto trans. Is this his vision of rekluse clutch? Also him talking about land closures. If anyone who is in the St. Louis area has a little extra time, they should stop by his moto museum. Well worth the stop.
  15. ccman60

    New guy here

    Good luck with your purchase. This site is worth it's weight in gold.