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  1. Hey guys...just following up. Disconnecting the TPS seems to have fixed the problem...the bike is dramatically smoother at steady/part throttle now. The question I have now is -- what are the downsides of not having a TPS?
  2. Thanks guys. I'll try it out as soon as my new lower oil filter cover bolt arrives...arrgg.
  3. Will do. If the problem goes away does that mean the TPS is bad? Thanks.
  4. There's a thread around here somewhere describing the porting that was done to it before I got it. I had it fixed by someone who knows what they're doing. I installed the end cap.
  5. My '08 YZ450 runs great as long as throttle is being added or it is wide open. The problem is at part throttle when held steady...it bucks and sputters. The bike has stock header and can with the Pro Moto Billet end cap. It has head work. I haven't messed with the jetting since I've had it, but not sure what's in there as I bought it used. I need some advice on what I should be looking for to solve this problem. Thanks.
  6. TheHarp

    VP U4.2 fuel??

    Oxygenated race fuels (like VP U4.x and MR9) make more HP than pump fuel...jetting/mapping may need to be changed to accomplish the increase in HP.
  7. TheHarp

    Whats it worth?

    Didn't know they were going for that little. I would guess that new 08's are not that easy to find.
  8. TheHarp

    Whats it worth?

    I'd say a stock 08 in good condition with reasonable hours on it is worth about $4000. How much are all the extras on this bike worth to you? How fresh is the motor?
  9. Thanks for the info....it was a rookie move.
  10. Took the bike out to the supermoto track this morning to break in the engine. Looks like I forgot to bend over the tabs on the countershaft nut. It didn't come all the way off, but... oil shot out all over the place...ruined my rear tire. My question is could this have caused damage to a seal or should it be OK now that I've tightened it up? Thanks.
  11. TheHarp

    Steering stem bearings

    Is turning important to you? ;-) Seriously, if you don't have the time/money/skills to check the bearings try adjusting them like Gray said. If it feels good, you're probably fine (in my opinion).
  12. TheHarp

    PMB Endo on my 09

    Does PMB supply the rivets to install the end-cap?
  13. TheHarp

    Does this look stock?

    Thanks, but I don't want to take it off again right now. It's time to break this bad boy in.
  14. TheHarp

    2008 YZ450 Whining noise mag side

    This happened on my 08 too...luckily didn't need to split the cases. It's definitely worth checking, IMO.
  15. TheHarp

    Setting Valve Clearance Question

    Trick question...percussion instrument players don't use chairs.