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    I did google search with only results on ebay selling parts for an xbyke. I am assuming this is a cheap knock off pitbike maybe? Good luck finding a manual on it. I would look over the bike for a 800 number to call them or a website address to search. Good luck
  2. BornDirty

    A Riders Dream Location?

    I love AZ even in the summer there are places to ride that is in the 80's which is not bad riding weather. I just came back from a ride just outside Patagonia, AZ.
  3. BornDirty

    Quackopractors? You decide...

    Logging, I know that the injections wont heal my disc, but it will take away the swelling of the nerve root and maybe allow my body to heal itself. I am tired of taking pain killers to be able to function on a daily basis. I am willing to try the injections for the 3 times, my first injection is june 26. I am crossing my fingers hoping it does.
  4. BornDirty

    Quackopractors? You decide...

    Any real Chiropractor will tell you if he can help you or not. I am recovering from a herniated disc myself, the herniation is pinching my S1 nerve root(sciatic nerve). The sports physcian that I saw told me to put pressure on my general practicing doctor to get my m.r.i. done because of the exam he did on me. Up until that point my Doctor and the P.T. were treating me for a swollen piroformis muscle and said it wasnt a disc. I turned out to have fairly large sized herniation, which I am now having treated through the use of steriod injections. The point is he said the only thing he can do for me is make me more comfortable while my back either healed on its own or opted for surgery.
  5. BornDirty

    Friday Wiegh In 6-9-06

    Amazing at what cutting french fries and soda from your diet would do. I feel better so much better if I am up about and moving. I am trying to go the no surgery route myself. Doctor said we are going to try 3 steriod shots in the back over the next 3 months if that doesnt work, surgery time .
  6. BornDirty

    Friday Wiegh In 6-9-06

    Grats to you both on droppin the weight. Two Months ago I crashed pretty hard and knocked my self out(cant remember the crash), broke my wrist, and herniated a disc at L5. The reason Im posting is I decided that losing some wieght would help me recover. I was 5'10 215 pounds, as of today I am 197 and feeling alot better.
  7. BornDirty

    babes, bikes... INJURIES!

    I thought I would add in my 2nd most current injury, not riding but an annual turkey bowl injury and a trip to Home depot to fix me up. http://members.cox.net/jsteffen4/my%20shoulder%20repair.jpg edit: Also found my most current injury http://members.cox.net/jsteffen4/wrist%20breaks.jpg I was riding this time, too bad I cant remember the whole ride. I learned my lesson about making sure my helmet is on tight. loose chin strap=concussion and a day in my life gone from my memory forever.