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  1. lemon dog

    Blown up CRF 450 05

    My 05 450 did the same thing,turned out to be low tranny fluid,had to replace water pump,the squelling noise was the clutch. I took the plates out and sanded the steel plates with 360 grit sand paper and slightly rubbed the fiber plates , resoaked in oil, everything works fine now.
  2. lemon dog

    Front Sprocket Shaft Leaking Oil

    Mine was leaking oil after a front sprocket change ,and I put an o ring between the sprocket and the bushing. It has not leaked a drop since.
  3. lemon dog

    03 CR 250 exhaust leaks

    Had the same problem with an fmf fatty, however it turned out to be the exhaust flange that was leaking not the pipe. There is a metal gasket between the head and the exhaust flange. I cured the problem with high heat silicone.