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  1. Rach359

    Crank siezed, Causes?

    Thanks for the help! We're gonna split the cases eather tonight or tomarrow and hopefully figure out the cause. The bike hasent been rebuilt before, so maybe it is just wore out. I was using a good brand name synthetic blend oil, 20W50(I belive) for it. what would be a better oil to run if thats the case? or what does everyone else run that may be a better choice for it? could this also be caused by something blocking the oil getting into it?
  2. My 2002 yz250f has a siezed rod to the crank. I've searched to try to find the answer to my question, but havent found exactly what I'm looking for. It's what could have possibly caused this to happen? so when we get the case split I know what we should look for so as to not rule anything out. I see this it a pretty uncommon problum with the 02's so I'm really curious as to why it could have possibly happend. The bike ran flawlessly before this too, changed the oil frequently, etc. and just all of a sudden, bam, seized right up, beats me
  3. That sounds like a good deal , let me talk it over with my bf, see what he thinks and I'll let ya know. I definatly don't wanna deal with jetting issues and all that while we're spose to be having fun, so I'm thinkin thats a good solution, just hope it passes that dang 94 db level.
  4. Thanks for the info., I will check to make sure nothings been removed then. Yes, Silver lake is an awsome place, its definatly one of my favorite places to ride . I can't wait to get back there, especially with the 250F, should be a blast riding up the dunes on it! Thanks again for the info!
  5. I was given/bought a stock WR pipe and silencer to use for trail riding when I bought my 02' YZ250F and I was curious as to if it will pass the sound test (I belive its eather 94 or 96 here in Michigan)? We're heading to the Silver Lake dunes here in a couple weeks and they're pretty strict with the sound levels so I don't wanna get all the way over there to find I cant even ride. The people we bought the bike from were pretty sure it should be legal,so i bought it off them, but I don't know if they've ever had to acctually try to pass the test before. So if any one has any info. it would be greatly appriciated
  6. Rach359

    Levers for small hands

    I have very small hands too (My gloves are kids large, lol) and giving the cable some slack worked for me. I use the regular size levers now. I tried some smaller MSR ones before and it didnt really make much difference (for me anyway). But yes adjusting and making the lever easier to pull in helped ALOT.
  7. Rach359

    Yay, First Race is next weekend!!!

    Well... How'd you do Jen? was there alot of girls there? How was the track? details woman, details!
  8. Rach359

    Yay, First Race is next weekend!!!

    Hey Jen, We're thinking about maybe doing the LLQ at Log Road next weekend, you guys gonna be there? Decided I should get at least one big race in before the busy summer hits. Let me know!
  9. Rach359

    I need your ladies help!!

    MotoworldRacing.com has a good selection of women's gear and they always have awsome deals
  10. Rach359

    Yay, First Race is next weekend!!!

    Oh I almost forgot, the weather looks faboulous for this weekend, perfect riding weather! sigh, I'm so jeoulous
  11. Rach359

    Yay, First Race is next weekend!!!

    Good Luck Jen!!! Kick some booty out there girl, I know you will!! We won't be making it this time , Its one of our friends birthdays this weekend, plus I have to work all day Sat. I think I'm gonna kinda focus more on the MPX series and just do the close women's series races this year anyways, we have ALOT going on this summer with like a zillion of our friends getting married, its gonna be a busy sumemr for sure! So kick some arse for me woman!
  12. Rach359

    Hi Girls!

    Jen!! whats up girl? Yeah I love the bike! I had no trouble getting used to it, it's awsome . Not sure about the race, is it the 2nd or 3rd? I wanna say the 3rd is a Monday... but anyways, its a possibility, how about you? Thats at Bay Racing right? Well gotta scoot, hope to talk to ya again soon too! and yeah let me know if you guys are plannin on doin that race
  13. Rach359

    Hi Girls!

    I had fun on my smoker, still debating whether to keep it around just to get my 2 stroke fix once in a while, lol. but I like the 250f alot better, so I think I'm pretty much gonna stay with that from now on, not that I don't love the smell of pre-mix in the morning, man I'm gonna miss that, lol. Thanks for all the welcomes!
  14. Rach359

    Hi Girls!

    Converted from a 2 stroke
  15. Rach359

    Hi Girls!

    Just wanted to introduce myself and say hello, I'm Rachel, live in Michigan. Just bought an 02' YZ250F and had my first track ride with is Sunday and I LOVE it, I have officially been converted lol. So, hello everyone!