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    Yosh Header Pipe Wont Fit

    it's gonna' take lots of taps with the hammer!!! follow all of the advice you've read up to here, but use a nice hard plastic head hammer.......that way you won't dent up your new pipe of course, it's possible that you might have a bad bend, but give it a good try 1st, it's really a tight fit, but with some effort, it will slowly slide together
  2. renegade99


    In the Arizona desert it's as much of a MUST HAVE as a good skid plate I wouldn't leave home without it
  3. renegade99

    What is eddies opinion on break in?

    very fair and true comment on the original post there bronco78 BUT with over 10,000 personal posts to the list, we're all waiting to also hear your recommendation on proper break-in procedures........................in addition to anyone else that cares to jump in I've been told to warm it up, and then take off and ride it like you stole it!!!! .....in addition to absolutely avoiding long periods of steady throttle (just like Eddie says) I've used this method for many bikes, and they always seem to last a long time and perform quite nicely. Breakdown problems are few, but you've got to keep up with the suggested maintenance from the manufacturer. I also change the filter everytime I change the oil. Hey, filters are cheap when compared to engine rebuilds!
  4. renegade99

    starter relay mount location DRZ400S??

    perfect, exactly what I needed.....thank you much Neil. Tom
  5. renegade99

    starter relay mount location DRZ400S??

    Neil, I've kinda come to that conclusion....sort of, but I'm not sure how it bolts down and exactly where it attaches to the seat rail/rear frame. Anyone have a picture handy???
  6. I guess my short term, or is it long term memory is fading cuz I just cannot remember. I've had the 400S apart for a while now, and am now putting it back together, but I need some help! I need some help on where the starter relay mounts to the frame on the left side. Does anyone have a picture or suggestion or even a photo? My service manual is back ordered, so I'm stuck? Thank you kindly.