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    Aftermarket igition/stator covers....???

    Thanks, I need it for this weekend so I guess I'll go stock.
  2. Greenwithenvy

    Aftermarket igition/stator covers....???

    I'm new the the KX450f forum (I jumped from the YZ forum recently). I've had about 5 rides on my new KX450f. I have to say this bike RIPS!!! I could not be happier with my debt, I mean purchase. Yesterday, I was out with some bros. riding a tight wash with lots of switchbacks. I took a turn wide and my buddy tried to take me on the inside and his tire hit my gear shifter. It did not seem that hard. When I looked at my ignition cover/stator cover, there was a nice gash in it from the gear shifter being pushed into it. I know this is a pretty freakish accident, as I have never encounted this before in 25 years of riding hard. I was wondering if anyone was aware of an aftermarket igition cover. Boysen said no, and they didn't think anyone made one yet, being it is such a new bike. Any help would be greatly appreciated.