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  1. skarecrow

    need torque spec

    I ran a search and a couple said that was the spec for an 03 So i just want to make sure it is the same for an 06. thanks.
  2. skarecrow

    need torque spec

    can anyone tell me what the front sprocket bolts toque specs are? this is for an 06 crf450r. thanks!
  3. skarecrow

    Moving to Cali, need some answers

    do it every monday-friday. i actually have fastrac that costs 8 bux a day, and i still sit in dead stopped traffic sometimes!
  4. skarecrow

    What's Up With Brian Deegan Lately?!?!

    Its all a bunch of media crap. Deegan is actually super cool in person, as is faisst and twitch. They just always put out this crap to stir stuff up, and bring in more money to the MM. and the only one that acts like a wigga at all is Faisst....and, well, he is from New Jersey. so blame your coast for that. haha.
  5. skarecrow


    I will be out there with a couple people from another forum i talk on. i will be in a gold/tan colored single can long bed ford ranger. CRF450 #533.....second ride on this bike, first time at cahuilla, we'll see how it goes!
  6. skarecrow

    Nervous track rider

    I also live in corona. I used to ride elsinore a lot on my old 125, and it was fun, but gets really crowded. Lately with my new bike i have been going to racetown. really chill, and the beginner tract is really fun. you should check it out. I also hear Cahuilla is fun as well, but i havent been there yet.
  7. skarecrow

    Seized motor-month old

    go to the kawasaki website and get the number for customer service. but they will most likely tell you to take it to the dealership. what is the problem with your bike? you think you have water pump failure?
  8. skarecrow


  9. skarecrow

    dual pipes in pro ama

    exactly. Especially will many counties adopting a noise ordinance, they are trying to find a way to make the bikes more quiet.
  10. skarecrow

    Thanks Kawasaki!!!!

    did you ever get any pics? i would like to see how it affected your engine compared to mine. and yes, kawi is covering all of mine, its just the dealership that is taking their sweet ass time! grrrr......
  11. skarecrow

    Seized motor-month old

    when talking to the tech, he said he has only seen one other bike be this bad, and a guy was racing it in the desert 5th gear pinned, it was a cd450f though. he was puzzled as to why it happened.
  12. skarecrow

    Siezed 450 Yesterday

    Get some pictures of it, i would like to see what happened, and how it looks compared to mine. Kawi is covering mine, atleast that is what the tech told me, but now i am currently waiting for someone from kawi to go out and take a look at it (i guess they do this before covering anything).
  13. skarecrow

    Seized motor-month old

    yes, it had coolant and oil, that is the first thing they checked, and i know it did because i made sure of that before i rode.
  14. skarecrow

    Seized motor-month old

    yea, thats what i am going with. when i talked to the mechanic earlier, he said he has no idea what caused it, and has only seen one other engine (it was a honda) that was this bad, and the guy was racing in the desert when it happened.