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  1. 11kfotos

    This kid is damb quick!

    Yeah ol' Kyle can do these all day long he's not bad at these either. KC is quiet until you get to know him but he's anything but stuck up. I've seen him helping little kids as well as babysit pro's to keep their egos in check. not sure who ride_red is talking about but it isnt the same KC i see at the track. Ride_Red, you're way off base dude. Not sure what the issue is but you need to stop spreading false rumor. And while i'm at it, why are you on KC's myspace complimenting him on his A1 ride and stabbing him in the back on thumpertalk? wassup with that?
  2. 11kfotos

    This kid is damb quick!

    who are you/what is your bike #? I'm at VC 4 times a month, minimum. rest assured the Cunninghams are not rich. not only is that ignorant to imply it's borderline insane. i stepped in/out of that motorhome a few times. does that make me rich? i know who it belongs to but i wont drop names. rather i'll say that it belongs to a guy with a bigger heart and deeper pockets than myself and of no relation to the Cunninghams. he's a supporter of the Wonder Warthog Program who has dug deeper than any of us to make sure privateers have a spot on the gate come saturday night. That KC fella, he's an alright guy. Hey look, it's Kyle and that "other" slow guy.. Wilbur Hahn. When you come from 14th - 7th in a SX heat and qualified for a main you have then earned the right to criticize. until then i'd be more concerned with sticking to things you know about which isnt KC and/or their finances. uh, i remember reading a comment about KC on David Vuillemins website after DV12 payed vc a visit. He mentioned how fast he was (Sean Hackley as well). Then again, he commented how i was an idiot for not wearing kneebraces so what does he know anyway? But dont take my opinion. I just snap the pix and occasionally ride my scooter.... Mama Cunningham will appreciate this photo
  3. 11kfotos

    GasGas makeover

    awesome photo. i certainly dont have that type of stuff around the house. i'm jealous. i now have plastic on order. thanks for your help. now if i can just stop that frontbrake from fading......
  4. 11kfotos

    GasGas makeover

    yeah it's seen better days.. cough, cough. well that's the thing. i dont have a local dealer. i'll hit up gasgas's website and see if i can find one in texas that will ship to me.
  5. 11kfotos

    GasGas makeover

    My 97 GG 270 is in need of new plastic. anyone know where's a good place to start looking? the fenders used to be red. not gonna say what they look like now. awesome bike btw.
  6. 11kfotos

    Graphics Installation

    clean your plastic thoroughly, very thoroughly. then you can use either a soap/water combination or windex ( i use windex). spray the shrouds/plastic with windex. apply the graphics, then use a hairdryer to heat them up which will dry the windex. you can move the graphics while they are wet. works like a champ.
  7. 11kfotos

    Just ordered Yoshimura Duals!

    Big thumbs up.