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  1. Hi Honda Know about this I have had 2 snap over here in New Zealand I know of at least another 6 let go and the destroy the engine as you know. It appears it only happens to a few as if there is a fault, We found a couple of things that didn't seem right firstly the chain tensioner had a fault it wouldn't maintain enough tension at at times would stick open that can cause the chain jumping and the piston making contact with the valves the second thing we found was in the cam itself it appeared that the decompression cam would stick open leaning out the engine causing it to over heat and lock up or simply there's a fault in the casting of the con rod I do know here at least 2 bikes where repairs by the local supplier.
  2. Thanks for that so assume theirs no wire that is acting as a rev limiter
  3. this is a common problem we have had all the models from 04 and now 06 we have made a small modification we remove the return cable from the carb and throttle bodie as it appears the carb return spring once the cables become tight has insufficient torque to snap it back. We race these bikes and I currently have 2 06 250 and 1 450 all with this mode no problems with carb sticking.
  4. As long as you have punch marks lined up and cam line aligned all will be fine
  5. I have been reading about the pink wire modifacation on the 250 X model I have a 06 250 R does it have a pink wire to cut and what is the advantage of doing this.