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  1. kx250fman

    I need your opinion

    so i just traded my 07 crf250 for an 05 ktm 125sx plus cash and we traded license plate numbers and info and the guy seemed really adiment on the fact that if something went wrong on the crf that he was going to expect me to help out. He told me the 125 had like one hour on a top and bottom end rebuild and that everything was fresh. well after about three hours the crank siezes i take it apart and the crank is bad, it needs a new cylinder, piston, etc... the question is dont you think something should be done like he should at least help? i mean im basically screwed:foul:
  2. Got a new bike! i decided ive had enough of four strokes and i just picked up a mint 05 ktm 125sx and i couldnt be happier. It really is in showroom condition and its light as can be. I took it out to mammoth today and wow this thing hauls for a 125 and i just love the ktm feel and definitely wont be riding anything else from now on. heres a pic of the bike next to my friends 07 144 all it needs is my pre prints and im good to go!
  3. kx250fman

    leakdown test results

    i just got my 07 crf250 checked out and a leakdown test performed and the results were 5%. is this ok? about how long do i have before i absolutely need a rebuild
  4. kx250fman


    i just bought it and it started fine in nevada but once i tried to run it down here thats where i ran into probs
  5. kx250fman


    okay so ive got an 07 crf250r and the valves are all in spec but when i start it on choke it idles fine but then when you turn the choke off it will idle fine for a couple seconds and then it will start to stutter and die and then it wont restart for a while. could this be a carb problem like a clogged jet or something? also i just bought the bike from nevada and i live in the sac area so maybe jetting? please help me out
  6. kx250fman

    weird sound

    okay i need you help i just bought an 07 crf250 and it has a new top end with only like three hours on it but it makes like a knocking sound at idle now someone mentioned that the auto decomp lever could be backwards and if so how would i tell? im pullin the cam cover off as we speak and please i need fast responses
  7. kx250fman

    My new bike!

    so i traded my 05 crf450 for this 07 crf250r let me know what you think.... its got a full pro circuit ti-4 dual exhaust, pro circuit clutch basket, pro circuit clutch cover, pro circuit water pump, fully rebuilt pro circuit motor with 3 hours on it, pro circuit suspension front and rear, renthal chain and sprockets, and the list goes on. the bike has an hour meter from when it was new and it has 73.1 hours and the motor was done at 70. new graphics comin soon
  8. kx250fman

    crf450 piston ring placement?

    come on guys i need some input
  9. okay so i might have messed up. when i put the top piston ring on i put it on 90 degrees away from facing the front of the bike instead of the 180 degrees like it says in the service manual ( which i now realize), and as far as the oil rings i made sure that each ring and the spacer werent facing the same direction but they arent 120 degrees apart like the service manual says. i have the bike completely back together and my question is should i tear it back down ugh to place the rings exactly how the service manual says. quick replys would be great, thanks.
  10. kx250fman


    okay so i really need some help. I was rebuilding my crf450 and when i torqued the bolts that hold on the cam for some reason one of them stripped and one of the holes is now missing threads. is there any way to use some sort of tap or do i have to get a whole new head? im freaking out and need some help
  11. kx250fman

    crf450 valves and cylinder *pics*

    yea thanks guys i took all the parts to this guy erin that works at roseville yamaha and hes the number 2 mechanic in the country and he said that the cylinder was good and that the valves were marginal and that they could be ran for a while
  12. kx250fman

    crf450 valves and cylinder *pics*

    i dont know how many hours are on it because i got it used ( i know very risky). and as for the reply above the cylinder doesnt have any pitting in it thats just little dirt specs that got in there which will be cleaned... and as for the valves im trying to not have to replace the valves because im strapped for cash but i did check them when i tore the bike down and they havent moved at all
  13. hey guys i posted right before labor day about my 05 crf450 asking if it was okay to ride due to the results of the leakdown test which was 18% blowby past the rings. well i rode it over laborday weekend and now ive torn it down and im puttin a new piston, rings, and cam chain in it. I took some pics of the valves and the head as well as the cylinder. sorry for the crappy quality of the pics but this is my first four stroke rebuild and i dont know what to look for really in the valve department as far as wear goes.... any feedback would be great heres the pics: oh and heres some pics of the piston
  14. kx250fman

    05 crf 450 okay to ride??

    okay guys thanks alot im just gonna run it....wish me luck!
  15. kx250fman

    05 crf 450 okay to ride??

    okay so ive got an 05 crf 450 and i just picked it up a few weeks ago and im really happy with it but i have an issue. I took it to a mechanic just to get the valves checked and a leakdown test performed just to be safe. The valves were all in spec and hadnt even moved out of adjustment which is great but the leakdown shows an 18% blow by past the piston rings which means i need new rings, piston, etc... He also said im going to want a new cam chain. im planning on doing that of course but im supposed to go ride samoa dunes for labor day weekend and ive had the trip planned forever. The mechanic said it will probly be fine to ride it one more time but i want your guys opinions on what to do based on experiences with this kind of stuff. The bike starts first or second kick, idles fine and i wouldnt of even known anything was wrong exept for the leakdown. PLEASE i need your help! thanks