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  1. v3 creats alot of volicity giving better low and mid punch..
  2. if you rebound is to stiff it will push the front end out ..and like said above seat positin is criticle on soil types
  3. I wouldn't count zuki out. They have been using Arctic cat like a cheap whore to get there fuelies up and running . They have batteries less they tried it on there bike with RC. and he won some out doors and the rumor was he used it a Des nations and smoke the whole group. But on the 2 smokers on a bike the need to work harder. ktm will probably have it first . The company vor had it but don't know what happened with it.
  4. never enough, just built a cart motor 97 cr 550 punched out 80 over, ported the jug to the cases, to 1,2,3and 5, v force reeds . cut thre head moved the plug straight . about 68 hp nice. has to be scary fasst only 6 inch wheels
  5. the cat motots are suzuki the last i new, my dads 580 zr rips
  6. did you check ring end gap? i have shaved a little off of the bridge to prevent this but on cast . nica-seal you have to have it re plated if the piston is tipping.A little richer main will help to because it will help cool the piston and rings . The bridge has it been cut? because it sounds like it is to narrow and is getting hot and expanding into the rings.
  7. at least it has done like my quad did . it was about two years of riding it to work . the piston split and went under the crank. Best part i was go about 60 we it happen so it trashed both cases lol
  8. i run amsoil, but the length of ring time is how well the ports are chanferd or how big the ports are. Did you check ring end gap ?
  9. the oil can clog the valves, making them stick
  10. spring tension or the valve has worn its coating of and is sticking ing the bore, suck i had to replace . Or what oil do you run.
  11. it can also wipe the cam or and is very hard on all of the valve train
  12. use gasoline to put it on , works great amust is the safety wire. i have use the liquid nails . it worked
  13. i will match port your head for $125 and lap the valves in. That total installed less shipping we just had our mini areana cross race yesterday way to cool . sorry no picts brain fart
  14. Cool This Is Great Stuff Some Have No Clue , Then Some Have To Many Of The Answers Lol I Have Both But Faster On The 4s. Just Because The Ding Dinger Is Radical On Dirt Great In Sand Though. And The 2 Stroke Is Easier To Muscle Around
  15. i hope you set ring end gap