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  1. NorCal_Tom

    Norcal Riding today or tomorrow?

    Like Hockdog said it was really dry. Even up top in the trees you would get a semi if you saw a puddle. Had a fun ride with some riding buds I haven't been out with in a while. If you want to get on the email list to find out about the goings on at rock creek (including when it's open or close) just send an email to Ranger Jon Jue and ask him to add you. jjue@fs.fed.us Catch you next time. Going into little league baseball hibernation for a while. Tom
  2. NorCal_Tom

    Norcal Riding today or tomorrow?

    Sounds like between 9-10 if my buddies make it up. You are welcome to join. Bummer no rain in sight here. Tom
  3. NorCal_Tom

    Norcal Riding today or tomorrow?

    Going to Davis Flat now. Riding this afternoon and tomorrow morn. Grey tundra & 20 foot white trailer. Tom
  4. Hey guys anyone riding up in Norcal today or tomorrow? I am literally heading to grab my trailer to run up to Georgetown when I get hit with the closure email. Got a hall pass and a bunch of busy weekends ahead so this train is rolling on. Thinking of camping over at little stony or Carnegie tonight. Probably ride a little today, ride a little tomorrow. It would be more fun and safer to not go it alone so I thought I'd put it out there. Tom
  5. NorCal_Tom

    Foresthill Trail 6 - fact or fiction?

    If you are going to ride trail 6 this weekend bring a chain saw & some poison oak soap. It will be overgrown like you won't believe. I don't recommend a novice rider try to do it the first weekend after a seasonal closure. You'll be cutting the trail around downed trees for sure. Best trail in the area though imho. -t
  6. NorCal_Tom

    1993 ktm 250 exc fresh rebuild will not start

    Hi, I have a 1994 300 EXC. Start by making sure you have good blue spark, those SEM ignitions can be suspect. Next make sure the float is working by tipping the bike to the side with the petcock open. Gas should come out the vent. Then I suggest turning your air fuel screw in all the way to richen your mixture. Now I know my bike likes to be primed when cold so open your fuel, pull the choke, and give it 5 or so slow kicks with the throttle wide open. Then bring the engine to TDC and with the throttle open give it a full hard kick. I couldn't start my bike when it was new to me & it drove me crazy until I did this. Good luck T
  7. NorCal_Tom

    Ride report should be up on Sunday..

    Okay official highjack, Dbragg & I are staging at Mace Mill Sunday morning if anyone wants to hit it up with us. -t
  8. NorCal_Tom

    Ride report should be up on Sunday..

    Cool. Have fun. Any other TTers who want to ride somewhere around the Sacramento-ish area give me a shout. -t
  9. NorCal_Tom

    Ride report should be up on Sunday..

    Rabid Dove (or anybody) let me know if you want to ride on Sunday. I live in Sac and looks like the weather should be nice for a ride. Plan for a 8am or so stage. Georgetown, Elkins, Foresthill, Motocross or whatever. Down to ride anywhere. Just looking to get out. -t
  10. NorCal_Tom

    when does elkins close???

    Looked at the TNF web page and it looks like Foresthill is still open as of now. Check there or call the ranger station in town before going up though. Rode 5 & 6 on Friday and we got rained on pretty much the whole time. It was awesome then and it should still be pretty good now. Happy New Year! -t
  11. NorCal_Tom

    stony ford food

    Oooo what about the "Tabby Burger" @ Frostie on HWY 20 in Nice? Must have after a ride at Middlecreek for anyone heading South on 20. -t
  12. NorCal_Tom

    Another Radiator Guard Question...

    Bear with me guys, I've searched this forum & haven't been able to get this specific question answered. Anybody ever fit Unabiker radiator guards over oversized radiators? If so, how much modding if any? I talked to Unabiker, because I heard they would make you a custom set to fit Fluidynes, but they are not doing that anymore. And yes, I have had Flatlands before(looking for something a little stronger)...And yes I know the Mohards will fit, but I'm too cheap to spring for them. Thanks! -t
  13. Don't torture yourself NorCal. Especially during prime riding season. Maybe ask everyone to post up pictures of naked ladies....or maybe a plate of food like they do on Facebook? Wilseyville was awesome. Sorry, I don't have pictures. Best I could do would be a play-by-play story. Wish you could have been there bro. -t
  14. NorCal_Tom

    Stonyford Conditions?

    Thanks to Knucklehead and Ossi for chiming in. Just an update, I rode Thursday and the conditions were really good. Couldn't get up to Goat mountain because there was some snow above 5000', but most of the trails were very good. -t
  15. NorCal_Tom

    Stonyford Conditions?

    Thanks Knucklehead. 8" on top? Where did you start hitting snow?