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    I've been nailed by fish hooks at Dove Springs almost exactly 20 years ago. The Looser who did it tied about 5 or 6 of them together into a little net, and strung them on a bush on the side of the trail. Lucked out as they just got my jersey. I was too young to understand the big picture of what I'd encountered or I would have reported it. The only other thing I've seen personally have been several instances of the perfectly placed pumpkin sized rocks on the back side of blind rises on dirt roads that tend to be high speed. Also at D.S., each instance was obviously placed there, it was too coincidental to be accidental.
  2. NAW

    Im looking for Scotts in Monrovia

    http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/archive/index.php/t-70858.html ESP. Did good work for me.
  3. I agree glues/epoxy won't work too well for polyethylene. But obviously they'll work better than nothing. I've seen Spin-welding (It's a friction process) done with a hand drill and plastic cap/patch to permanently patch holes in P.E. water tanks, but that won't address your insert problem too well - if you rigged something up, you might end up enlarging the hole. There is one product used in the roto-molding industry called Patch-N-Go. Maybe one of their tech reps can talk it over with you to see if it might work, but look at www.moldingraphics.com. (Look under products, enhancers, on their site). Major thing to find out is if it requires open flame to melt it or if a heat gun or hot butterknife, etc. would work. MOST IMPORTANT, is that FLAME, combined with GAS TANK, = DANGER. Please don't risk blowing yourself up. Also, A buddy tried loc-tite tank repair when he partially tore out the fuel petcock. It helped, but still leaked, although barely. He was still able to ride w/o worry for a couple trips before upgrading to a desert tank.
  4. NAW

    Mobil 1 Racing 4T 10W-40

    Everyone has their opinion re: oils. My opinion is that the Mobil 1 is great. I ran an '87 XR250 (Later bored to 280) as hard as an XR can be run. The motor was still in great shape when sold in 2003. On the '02 650R, did a "Break-in" period with a couple changes of HP4 (Some say that you don't need to do the break in anymore because new engine manufacturing technology makes it unnecessary - but, why take chances?). Then switched MX4T, or sometimes the Vtwin 20/50 when it's approaching 100 deg. F outside or entering a desert race and it's hot out. What leaned me toward Mobil 1 is two things: 1.) if you look at their web site compared to most others, things are explained in detail, and they work with manufacturers closely on R&D 2.) the motorcycle specific oils don't have friction modifiers, which might damage the clutch on our XR's. I've never had a clutch problem. I can say I've run the motors hard, and just never had a problem. Am I wasting a couple bucks on oil each change? Who can say, but I'll stick with Mobil 1 Synthetics in all vehicles.
  5. NAW

    Yellow Clarke Tank...UGH!

    Clarke might know if any of the graphics companies are making kits for their tanks. Might be time to cover it up.
  6. Any advice on what tire pressures to run while towing a 26F Toy Hauler with weight distribution bars attached? Have a 4wd F250, 33" Goodrich T/A's, and this will be first time towing the TH into Sand. Also - is it worth airing down the Trailer Tires too? Or is doing just the truck tires enough? What's everyone out there's preferred air-down pressure?
  7. NAW

    XR650L - Frame oil drain bolt torque...

    The manual is wrong. I found out the hard way too - exactly the same stretched bolt head. Lucky it did not break off... I believe there is a list of standard torque settings based on the bolt size. The list is in the front of the manual if I recall. I use whatever it recommends for the bolt size - (I don't have the manual handy - or I'd look it up for you) - then take a big red marker and change the page in the manual. So now this raises the other question - Did the author of the manual transpose those two torque values? Is the Crankcase bolt supposed to read 29, while the Frame Tube was supposed to be 18 ft lb? I don't know - but I have had no problems running the crankcase bolt at 18 ft. lb.
  8. Last I knew - we're not supposed to be able to plate a previously green-stickered only XR650 in Kalifornia anymore because of the changes in the law. However, I heard a rumor that there is a loophole to be exploited? Something about paying a dealer and getting the proper paperwork and sticker? Anybody hear of people still being able to convert a bike to D.S. in CA? Or am I just hearing tall tales, or perhaps blowback from some shady manuevering? Anybody done it recently?
  9. Recently, I hit a hill that required about 10 seconds of full-on second gear with a click to 1st in the last 40 feet of rough, rutted steep lip. The BRP died going right over the top. I have stock gearing and am unplugged. Over 3 successful attempts, the only thing carrying me over the top was lady luck and Isaac Newton. That was consistent. I had about a 1/4th tank - but on attempts 2 & 3, I leaned the bike over to get the gas on the petcock side before each attempt. Nothin' different. She was dying as I went over the top. So would you start? I have the manual, the aftermarket Air filter is routinely cleaned. My first instinct is to pull the carb and clean the jets. I've had the CDI (Black Box) on the Honda's go haywaire about every 4-6 years, but I think this is too specific for that to be the cause.
  10. 3 buddies are buying 525 exc's ASAP. One purchased new so far. $9100 out the door in Santa Clarita. Same guy originally had a deposit on one in Bakersfield for $9000 OTD. Seems to be the hot bike now. CA DMV legal AND you can set it up to win a desert race with a couple minor tweaks? Corked up, that stock setup sounds a lot like the beginning of a Coup d'etat over some pretty tight KALIFORNIA regulations to me. Good Job KTM keeping their eye on the ball. (Being an XR650R guy who never got plated - I'm keeping my eyes open too to see how prices are on the '08's, might need to get one before some even MORE restrictive rules are passed).
  11. NAW

    "The Cabin" From Dove Springs...

    Thanks everyone. Got the tracks and was able to open 'em up in Garmin's waypoint tracking software.
  12. Anyone have directions to "The Cabin" from Dove Springs. GPS destination point/waypoints would be preferred. Or if you have some dead-reckon-style-landmark navigation tips I'd love to hear 'em. I've heard it's in the Friends of Jawbone map. but seeing as I won't likely receive a mail-order version of that before we head out there, I'd like to do a little advanced research if anyone can be of help. Thanks in advance.
  13. NAW

    Shop Manual for Download?

    The one I saw posted was for the "R" but the "L" is probably out there somewhere. I have the store-bought shop manual, which is worth it because of the quality. The bootleg version I saw looked like it was done by someone with a wobbly scanner that had WAY too much time on their hands.