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  1. BINGO with the XR reference!! I heard there is one sold in Europe, anyone else here that? I'm talkin' bout a Honda XR400R e-start, air cooled, with modern suspension... perhaps the ultimate, reliable as a hammer- dual sport ride! Honda missed a killer opportunity in the US. NH in Vermont WR450f XR400R Xr Fast 50
  2. MotoChris hit the nail on the head.
  3. Enduro 777

    Leg lifts after ACL repair?

    I have been missing my ACL for over 20 years. Somehow I can still ski (XC & alpine)and ride moto relatively pain free. I attribute this to one thing.... Hamstring Curls. The Hamstring is the muscle that helps pull the joint together, while the quad essentially tries to pull the joint apart. Curls rule! NH WR450F XR400R Xr Fast 50
  4. Enduro 777

    Wider Tires on an Xr400?

    Yes, wider is better. I just switched from a 110 to a 120 this summer. I like it and it helped in every department. I went with Kenda Trackmaster for the DOT rating.
  5. Enduro 777

    Xr hard start solved! Heres the fix

    Sounds like valves all right. If they are adjusted properly it should start easily by doing the following. Turn the gas on Flip the choke lever to full Don't touch the throttle. Here is the key that has helped me the most.... Turn the idle screw about three tunrs (to increase the idle speed) Wait for around 30 seconds One easy kick (no throttlle) Then kick hard from top-dead-center, should start in one to three kicks Feather the choke down until she runs smoothly, but give it time to warm up before heading out. Turn idle back down to normal speed. I have very good luck statrting my XR 400 by following these steps when the bike is cold. Here in Vermont when it is cool (say 55 degrees or less) the thing can be a bear. Problem solved by use of portable heater. Yup. I have one of those disk shaped electric "area" heaters and I point it at the engine keeping it a couple of feet away. Give it 15 to 20 minutes, then switch sides...15 to 20 more minutes or so should do it. Engine is PRE-WARMED and fires nicely. Also I have found that when stopping, by turning the gas off just before hitting the kill switch, it makes for much easier re-start. Hope this helps.... Good luck
  6. Enduro 777

    Pushing 41;should I get a XR400 or 250X?

    50 here in Vermont. New here....at TT Wow, so reasuring, all these positive comments on the XR. I used to ride hard and fast in the early 70's with my OSSA 250 Pioneer (should have kept it). Stopped riding in '74 when I went to college. Got back into dirt riding about three years ago with a used '96 XR400R. I do mostly trail and dual sport riding. Bone stock except geared down sprokets, which I recommend for great wheelies and quickness. It also has a Summers fork brace which is helpful for the turns. The owner before me got it titled and plated (thanks dude) so no running from cops anymore, like in the 70's. Just smile and wave! Anyway, I really love the thing but have been thinking "I need to upgrade" to an X or EXC, or WR...etc. But reading all these comments from you guys makes me consider keeping it. Some folks say the newer bikes are too much maint. some don't. What is the real deal? Is the suspension and performance of the new bikes really that much better, enough to off set the higher cost and maint.? I'll ramble a bit .........Maybe I'll just get an "03/'04 XR, then trick it out a little. It really is a looooow main.t machine. Not noisy so it is stealthy through the "neighborhoods" on the way to trails. Just kick and go, and it goes pretty fast, I seem to be able to stay with all the others and their hot newer rides (excpet the A guys). Like one guy said, once you learn the starting routine, you won't miss the button too much. And if I crash, no tears, its just a beater! Man that thing is so reliable! Funny how many of the "others" just stare at it when we come to a stop. Now and then some say..."that's cool I almost bought one of those." I could go on...it IS a great bike! Brrrapppp! Cheers