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  1. If that deal falls through pm me. Ive got a set of oem sm wheels w/the speedo gear and the rear shaft. tires have less than 400 miles on them. I bought a bandit 1250 for street use and am keeping the z for the trails.
  2. unclesalty

    Illegal to install a slip-on pipe

    Im in florida also and Ive never heard about this. My wife's z has a fmf slip on and my Z has a full e yosh system. Ive been pulled over before and the exhaust was never the issue! If they enforced the law just about every bike on the road would be sited! Change out your pipe (and rejet) and go ride!
  3. unclesalty

    Santa brought me a bandit 1250

    I put some sm wheels on my z this summer and have been playing with the gearing for a better ride. My wife figgured if I was gonna stay on the streets she would get me a street bike. The dealer delivered it xmas eve and I was out on my first ride 10mins later. :eek:Holy cow This bike just flies with no effort at all. Let the mods begin, I neew a slip on first thing. You cant hear this bike at all! Pics to follow. Pm me if your interested in a factory set of sm wheels w/stock rubber. About 500 miles on em. They have a 38 tooth sprocket and the sm speedo hub . I/m in the tampa area.
  4. unclesalty

    Anyone have pics of their DRZ with a Terraflex on?

    Check your gearing. the terror is a huge tire and you'll need more torque to get it rolling and it takes a lot more brake to stop it. I went to 14/47. I am in florida and ride in a lot of sugar sand and I'm using the bar mounted rear brake. Search the posts, some claim the new "improved" tflex sucks compared to those made a couple of years ago. Ive got 1000mi on mine (1/2 years old) and it still looks new, almost no wear on the knobs.
  5. unclesalty

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    Finally got some supermoto wheels for my s previous mods: rekluse clutch kickstart kit zing graphics bark busters 3x3 pipe and jets
  6. Holy Resurection batman!! Anyway I just installed the rekluse on the wifes drz. Went smooth untill I went to measure the gap and found out her clutch plates were toast. She swore she never rode the clutch, HA! We bought the bike with 350 miles. It just turned 5000. The rekluse is in and shes loving it. Next is the kickstart although I may just do the super start instead.
  7. unclesalty

    DRZ 400 carb issues

    My question is this. Why did you stick with the stock exhaust? Since you need to rejet get a yosh and jet accordingly. that stocker is holding those mods back.
  8. I didn't see this mentioned, so.. Just say no to all the extras. The dealers here in florida will try and sell you the extended service plan, battery warranty, the service package, and the tire and wheel warranty. These costs can easily double the price of your bike. Most dealers wont dicker down here on a new bike, but they will discount accessories and you can save some money on last years model. I saved a grand on my wife's 09 fz600r over the '10 model. Just know what you can afford and don't fall for the its only $10.00 more a month bs. Good luck
  9. unclesalty

    Durhamtown 9/20 to 9/22

    Any of you guys going to be there?
  10. unclesalty

    My shot at making graphics

    Debi: Just how good are you at making and printing the DRZ graphics? I want a custom set for Christmas. I have my OWN ideas, but no way to implement them. PM??
  11. unclesalty

    What Streetbike?

    A couple years ago, I bought my first streetbike. Prior to that, I had only ridden dirt. I bought a GS500F, and for a while, enjoyed that. But, now I am tired of not being able to keep up with the boys. I have sat on a lot of bikes, but most of the more powerful sport bikes are very leaned over. I don't really like that riding position. And I also don't like that most of those bikes like to be really revved up. A lot of my riding is on the around town kind of roads. I am looking at the Yammie FZR that will be out in Jan. Seems like a good choice. Happy to listen to other suggestions. I definately want to stick with sport bike types, rather than cruisers. Thanks in advance
  12. unclesalty

    150/90-18 TERAFLEX came in saturday

    The only downside to my terror-flex is stopping power on pavement. the heavier tire needs a lot more brake to slow it down. The first few rides I missed a few turns cause I couldnt stop in time. On the dirt its fantastic. here in florida we have an ultra fine "sugar" sand on most of the trails, uasually a bitch to ride in, this tire pushes the bike right through it. I'd love to try it on some real mud!
  13. unclesalty

    Sold my sm wheels for a dl650!

    I liked the dual wheel setup for my z, but with the low dirt gearing and stock chain the bike was just to buzzy in sumo drag. I test drove a wee strom and the bike just felt good. I'd read about it over on stromtroopers and really wasnt interested in an adventure/tourer type bike. After sitting on it I wanted to drive it. It has the same upright seat position and handles almost as well as the sm in the twisties. On the highway forget about it. The biggest thing that takes getting used to is the engine braking, just untwist the throttle and the bike slows immediately. My suz dealer had a leftover 07 on the floor for 6 months, he made me a deal I couldnt refuse. I also looked at a naked sv but the riding position on the dl fit me better. If you get a chance, try one out you'll be pleasantly suprised.
  14. unclesalty

    What to do? (Bike title problem)

    Does the bike still have the previous owners plates on it? I read on another forum where this happened, the new owner couldnt get the title and the bike was still registered in the owners name so the purchaser started parking in handicapped zones. After the original owner recieved 6 or so 250.00 dollar fines , he sent the guy the title. Just a thought...
  15. unclesalty

    Sm Wheel Set

    wow, ive also got a set. new contiforce sm tires with about 100 miles on them. the s model rotors and the speedo drive adapter. I also have the sm rotors and sprocket. I was asking 1200. I just went out and bought a wee strom for the street and the z is back to dirt only. Brian