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  1. Livermore

    Ims 4.0 Tank Graphics - Suggestions

    Let us know if it stays on...I gave up trying to keep mine graphics on the 4 gal IMS....Now I love the look of a naked tank...Natural color easy to see the gas!
  2. I am interested in DS exploring and camping...Put me on your list. Lendall@aol.com XR650L
  3. We would like to do a desert ride in Feb/07 Looking for a ride that can be done in one day and end up in Vegas, or some other fun spot. All bike are legal DS....We plan to trailer down from Livermore, park and do a round trip or possible get a driver to chase. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  4. Livermore

    IMS 4.0 on an XR600

    I have the same tank on the L.....If you get to reserve you have plenty of time to go and get more gas....If you want to drain every drop out of both sides just lean the bike over once and it will transfer.
  5. Looking for a rough idea of value 98 400 YZF good shape Ridden by old guys only, Low hours, Headlight kit Extra High capacity tank Bark busters Pro tapers New rubber I live in Livermore California