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  1. I've worked out for years off and on usually in 1 year increments. I have found that by far the best "routine" I have found for motocross is actually road cycling. And I don't mean go out for an easy 30 minute ride with a couple of intervals. I've began road biking as much as the local cycling enthuesiasts does and let me tell you. After three months of training directed towards cycling on the road bike, I went and raced both motos on a sand track and was not one bit exhausted. I pulled off the track at the end of the race and wasn't even winded. I also routinely go out and do about 10 lap motos. You do still need strength training and stretching especially for injury prevention. But if you want to be able to ride longer, buy a road bike. Strength training decreases your lap times, endurance (cycling) training increases your laps.
  2. Tha Breeze

    Lets see the RMZ's

    Yes I do but I believe it may be worn along the sides where my knees rub. Also it was for a 10-12 bike, I cut it to fit.
  3. Tha Breeze

    what should I get?

    Get fresh tires, throttle tube, grips, clutch cable, and seat cover. You will get more enjoyment and pleasure out of a fresh bike that feels good than one that sounds good. Make sure you have fresh tires on your bike before you make yourself believe you need it to go faster. If you still think you need more "power" or torque then for woods riding spend $30 on a steel sprocket and drop a tooth or two on the rear.
  4. Tha Breeze

    Maintenance costs?

    My 08 starts first kick, hot or cold, crash or stall. But what I've heard is that the fuel injection is a lot better performance wise.
  5. Tha Breeze

    Maintenance costs?

    They only get expensive if they break. But if the motor is in good condition and you take proper care of it then they will last 100 hours or more. These bikes are super reliable. All of the horror stories come from maintenance issues whether it was the current or previous owner (assuming the bike does not have a ridiculous amount of hours. Assuming a good condition motor then as long as you... 1.) Keep the air filter clean 2.) Keep the oil and oil filter changed at least every 6 and 12 hours 3.) Keep an eye on the clearances 4.) Do NOT let any dirt get into your gas or any passage that flows through the motor 5.)****Make sure your bike does not burn oil, check the oil level every single ride! Then you should have zero issues. Before my rebuild my valves did not move at all for over a 100 hours. My current rebuild has 50 hours and the valves haven't moved neither. I would personally rebuild the head the first or 2nd time the valves go out of spec. And only change the piston if you can tell the motors loosing compression or it starts burning oil.
  6. Tha Breeze

    which clutch should i buy?

    I've ran Tusk plates in both of my bikes and have never had a problem. My current set of plates in my RMZ have over 50 hours and they haven't started to slip yet. As for the hub I found a Moose brand billet hub on ebay for $100. The ONLY reason I didn't buy it was because I simply did not need it. Make sure though that if you order only the basket (separate from the gear) that it will include the "rubbers" and mounting screws (which replace the stock rivets)
  7. Tha Breeze

    Windex before wash?

    I soak the bike in shout. Go to TWMX and one of the Honda mechanics did a nice video on how to clean bikes.
  8. Tha Breeze

    Lost the mojo..........

    I've had this problem before. This always helped me... 1. The track I mostly rode at was very rough, rutted, dry, slick, and whooped out. I was always hoping for a nice prepped track and arriving to that messes with your mental game. So go to the track expecting the worst. Plan your trip to the track to expecting to do some work on an unpleasant track. Go with a plan to practice sections, not the whole track. Going with this mental preparation can help prevent getting burned out. 2. If you do get stuck in a rut then change your plan. Seek out an incredible track that is going to be immaculately prepped even if it's 2 or 3 hours away. Just go for a fun, relaxing day at the track. Your goal is to have fun regardless of how you ride. Hopefully this will help you get back in your groove.
  9. Tha Breeze

    Charging into Jumps ?

    You have to take it slow at first to really get a feel for it but you can do several things... 1. Slam on brakes, both front and back. I can't tell you exactly what to do, I can't explain it unless I'm doing it right now at the track. But really, just hit your brakes. (I have actually only need to do this on just a few occasions such as a fast straight away with a small jump into a corner.) 2. Scrub, not going to get into much detail but I find the main thing I feel is me leaning the bike and then pushing the front end down over the back side of the face. (And even if it's not much to brag about it helps.) 3. Soak it up with your body. This is a bit tricky because if you are in the sweet spot, a little bit forward, it will work really well. But if you go just past the sweet spot it's endo city. 4. Combine all of them.
  10. Tha Breeze

    Am I the only one who hates prepped tracks

    If you are a D rider then pick the cheapest tire. I don't understand why they only do about 30% of the track, but to me riding on a good freshly prepped track is some of the most fun you can have!
  11. Tha Breeze

    Trick Out My RMZ

    Your bike looks really good as it is. I would just ride the thing. If you really want to spend some money replace the piston and take a look at all the other parts while you are in there. Check the clutch plates too; also a new clutch cable and fresh clutch arm bearings (right under carb.) will make it feel brand new.
  12. Tha Breeze

    '12 red hot after rebuild

    Believe we figured it out. I talked to my friends dad who's been a mechanic for 30 years. He said the new efi bikes are not supposed to idle with the choke out. Said that the choke is only used for starting then you are supposed to push the choke in. Also that if you did let it idle with the choke out then it is normal for it to turn red hot, however it's very bad for it to be doing that.
  13. Tha Breeze

    '12 red hot after rebuild

    Hey guys me and a friend replaced the piston in his 2012 kx250f. It started up just fine and my friend said it sounded and idled normal. However after one or two minutes we noticed the head pipe got glowing red hot. It did not do this before so it shouldn't do this now. Timing set, clearances in spec, oil and coolant full. Any ideas as to what's going on here? Thanks!!!!
  14. Maybe this will help... http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/946642-making-a-silencer-sleeve/page__fromsearch__1
  15. Tha Breeze

    Cleaning valves/exhaust port during top end rebuild?

    I recently replaced a piston as my bike was burning oil. There was quite a bit of built up oil in the head. I asked the mechanics at our local shop if I should clean it and they said it will clean itself after you run it for a bit. Now mine was burning oil which may bit a slightly different situation from yours. However last time I rebuilt my bike I did clean it up and man what a job it was. I used a dremel tool with a brass brush to clean it all. It was a huge pain in the ass. For the valves I cleaned them by LIGHTLY brushing them with a wire grinding wheel thing. That is how the mechanics told me to clean it. However if I were to do it again I would send the head to a professional tuner and get him to clean it for me.