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  1. duhflyingbrick426

    Ricky's whip on LaRocco's leap

    fixed Renner's whips are still the sickest on this planet, period.
  2. duhflyingbrick426

    Getting hurt more on natural terrain or track riding??

    Wow, all you guys just ride tracks? I hate riding tracks, I ride Hollister trails only when I'm up north, Gormon trails only, Pozo mtns and anywhere in the Mojave desert. I guess I'm just an adventure rider, and of course you're gonna take some spills riding natural terrain because you never know what's around the next corner, but at places like Hollister and Gormon, its just like one big track, if you ride there alot you get to know the places really well especially if you have favorite trails. Going really fast on a trail and eating crap doesn't make you a fast rider, it means you're riding over your head......even if you passed me 10 mins ago hauling balls in 4th gear and you crash and break some ribs, you know what happens.....you just got passed by my slow ass because I'm still in one piece at the end of the trail:D!
  3. +1 get suspension set for your riding style, height and weight, sag etc.... ride with people who are better than you, ask lots of questions and practice what they tell you to do also, alot can be learned by studying photos of pros. I read alot of moto mags and I always check out my favorite riders riding style, how they have their bikes setup (positioning of controls, foot pegs, etc.), their positioning on the bike as they negotiate obstacles, etc. I have also recorded Supercross and Motocross and watch it in slow mo, rewind and instantly watch certain sections over and over, like RC or Reed blitzing through the whoops or negotiating gnarly outdoor sections, stuff like that. my .02
  4. duhflyingbrick426

    Favorite MX Gear?

    Thor, Fox, MSR
  5. duhflyingbrick426

    How's my cornering form?

    I understand what you're saying, but to clarify it more, move your ass to the outside of your seat when cornering (have the edge of your seat up the crack of your a$$) and weight that outside peg, helps to keep your knobbies planted in the dirt (if you ride california or any other hard pack territory, this is essential). +1 for keeping your weight back in the sand, too much weight on the front tire and you'll just wash out your front end.
  6. duhflyingbrick426

    How's my cornering form?

    Never drop your leg to side like in the second photo unless you're flat tracking(catching a rock with your toe hurts, not to mention having your leg ripped backwards), third photo looks the best, elbows up, balls to the tank, getting good weight on the front tire for traction. But the area where you are riding looks really sandy/loamy so weight on the front wheel isn't necessarily a good thing. Just my .02
  7. duhflyingbrick426

    TT Noob

    Thanks for the replies, especially devo1, much appreciated Once again, great site its got all the info I need and then some
  8. duhflyingbrick426

    sick of this crap

    I hear what you're saying, but I like to ride spots like Gormon (sp) during the week without the crowds and of course they check your bike just to let you in. Even when I ride Pozo (mtns. east of Pismo) I spot rangers back there often, I've never been hassled but I always like to ride legal just to shove it in the face of "The Man". DAMN THE MAN
  9. duhflyingbrick426

    Windham, Tedesco, Wey

    I'm sure this has been posted many a times since the change over, but I'm so f'in stoked that Supercross on Speed is actually on TV during regular hours......&%$#@! ESPN, they would rather air spelling bees than supercross....bastards.
  10. duhflyingbrick426

    sick of this crap

    Just looking at your picture, you live in Cali and you don't run a FMF Q series? Have you ever caught any crap from Rangers or do you never ride in parks?
  11. duhflyingbrick426

    TT Noob

    wow, 3hrs and not even a welcome, jeesh any tips on the front brake conversion, is it just a DIY job, or do I have to buy a whole front brake setup from Honda, is it even worth it or am I just retarded when it comes to bleeding my front brake? any links, point me in the right direction? anything.....anyone.......Bueller.......?
  12. duhflyingbrick426

    TT Noob

    Thumper Talk noobie here, just wanted to say this site is great and say what's up to all my fellow Yami riders. One question I did have is about my front brake. I did a search yesterday, but found nothing (maybe I just suck at searching), but does anyone know about the mod for an 01 426 front brake conversion to a wrap around style like the CRF 450 has (and other bikes). I heard it makes bleeding the front brake much easier, any suggestions? TIA Oh and my SN is referring to my fat ass on a 426