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    First Time on a track today

    I started racing at age 28. I'm 40 now 40 and still race.I also had a 426, my first bit of advice is to sell the 426! The thing is a pig! I now ride an 04 crf450, the difference is night and day.Also try to ride on weekdays when the track is not as crowded, and when it is don't be intimidated by any other rider you have as much Right to be on the track as they do
  2. vet512

    whats wrong w/ my rmz250

    I just had new valves put in my sons 04 rmz 250.After 1 ride the valves became tight again per the guy who put them in{the bike was hard to start}. He adjusted them again ,the bike started fine. After 1 day at the practice track the bike won't start again without bump starting it! I,m no mechanic,but can someone tell me what might be wrong, other than the obvious that this mechanic sucks?
  3. I,m going to buy my 14yo son a new 250 4-stroke. My main concern is about durability i.e. valves, timing chains etc... . Which one is supose to have the least amount of engine issues?