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  1. dkxr600

    Who's been riding 30 years?

    yeah me to first bike 1971 sl100,Hooker header. bad a$$
  2. dkxr600

    dust to glory sound trac

    Yeah i looked on yahoo there is a sound track.Thanks for the reply.
  3. There is a song towards the end of the movie when mouse is up after his crash and riding in.what is the name of the song and who is the artist?
  4. Just finished up my first ride on my new 2006 xr650r.Its uncorked 178 main jet all restictors removed.50 miles on one tank of gas thats it,ran out 200 yards from my truck.
  5. YOU CAN DO IT!!! The courses are not as tough as they use to be.Motocross guys can do very well offroad,Rodney Smith,Fred Andrews.John Dowd finished very well at the wisp.Superman I mean Doug Henry won florida.just to name a few.Go for it.
  6. dkxr600

    open letter from Stewart on Racer-X

    Who writes james letters? I have seen alot of his interviews and that is not his vocabulary.I cant believe anyone would even believe that BS. MY 2cents!
  7. dkxr600

    Honda blowing fuses

    i have a 2003 rubicon blowing fuses it does not blow the main.just lights,fan, meter,esp anyone had this problem.I could use some help. THANKS
  8. dkxr600

    I might be crazy but!

    I just bought a 2006 650r yesterday.know a few things about the right footpeg problem.(I have a friend who had two 650r broke peg bolts a couple of times foot once now rides a KTM 625)but with this being a very common problem you might think HONDA could help a new owner(zero miles)with a fix $$$ I just want them to pay Kritter for the fix.
  9. dkxr600

    want more power out of my xr100

    you said you dont want to replace exhaust.you have a tip ,jets are cheap and the cdi does nothing.dont waste your money you can get alright performance just by letting it breath.
  10. dkxr600

    Checking cam chain 84 XL200R

    Iam not going to try to fix your bike from my chair here at home but most times cam chain noise goes away or is less when a engine is reved.Iwould pull the top cover off the engine and look at cam,rockers.you can check the cam chain at this point also try lifting the chain up off the sprocket it should not move very far take a good look at the sprocket at this time also.
  11. dkxr600


    I run onelap 756 front and rear works good,looks good also
  12. dkxr600

    Valve cover sealing compound?

    3M Makes one its called 1104,the yamabond is good if you live near a honda shop they also have a good sealer.
  13. dkxr600

    valve settings for xr200

    Intake 0.002 Exhaust 0.003
  14. dkxr600

    Bolt measurement.

    -b- is the correct measurement.