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  1. Okay, so I scored an Acerbis 3.7 gallon underseat tank for my XR650R off of Fleabay. I don't really need the extra fuel capacity since I already have the Acerbis Sahara tank up front, but it's way cool and I got a smoking deal and couldn't resist. Didn't come with the Acerbis seat, though. Has anyone had luck with modifying a stock seat to fit - can it be done? Does anyone have a used seat they'd be willing to sell me that fits? Thanks! Andrew
  2. airheadpilot

    Proper air bleeding procedure?

    I've just recently come to the world of "real" dirt bikes, having traded my R100GS in for a XR650R. I'm heading for the hills tomorrow to try it in the dirt (and mud!) (and rocks!) (and sand!) for the first time. I'm taking the suspension "as is", fully understanding that it will need to be more properly set up for me over time. I just want to see what it will do as is. My question is: I've been told that it's critically important to bleed the excess air from the forks before riding, using the little air bleed bolt on top of each fork. The bike didn't come to me with an owner's manual - what the proper procedure for this? Do I just loosen them, let the pressure equalize, and tighten again? Do I need to pump the forks with the bleeder screws off? Do I need some kind of swanky tool? Inquiring minds want to know! Thanks! Andrew 2000 XR650R 2005 FJR1300A
  3. airheadpilot

    How good is the stock XR650R suspension?

    I assume RaceTech Gold Valves are the way to go for revalving. Which one for the XR650R? Also, how stiff should the springs and oil be for a 275-lb rider? Thanks! Andrew 2000 XR650R 2005 FJR1300
  4. airheadpilot

    rekluse auto clutch in XR650R

    I'm considering buying a BRP that has been modified to have a Rekluse auto clutch. The clutch lever has been completely bypassed and the rear brake is routed to the left handlebar lever. I've never ridden a bike that doesn't have a clutch lever - what are people's thoughts on this setup? Thanks, Andrew