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  1. When removing plugs like this I always use T bar & socket , you can then load side of plug to minimise butchering it.
  2. Yes, best effort 2 Km 1982 DR250Z, now WR450 easy as, 50+ year old rider. Find a hill makes a big difference, cover rear brake, 4 stroke easier with more engine braking.
  3. I thought heli-coil was stainless, non magnetic.
  4. If you roll off the throttle to soon you will unload the rear suspension causing nose down landing, you need to approach up ramp under power.
  5. When I've bled brakes I just just pressurize with a syringe at bleeder on caliper, saves a lot of pissing about because you are moving any bubbles higher towards reservoir.
  6. Ensure the caliper can slide on the guide pins, if pins seized the piston is acting on 1 pad only.
  7. If you're getting back into bikes after time out you would be hard pressed to exceed the capabilities of a 4st 450 enduro bike. On a higher strung 2st mx bike you'er pulling higher revs in 2nd more wheel spin working harder, 450 you;ll be in 3rd less revs using the torque doing it much easier. 2st seem to deflect more off rocks/roots etc, 4st being heavier absorb more. Fitting a steering damper is a major confidence booster on any bike. 07 WR450 rider
  8. After reading posts I'm keen to upgrade to KYB SSS forks, can't get YZ forks, can get 08 CRF 450R forks, can people tell me if these will fit.
  9. You can do this, piston at BDC pressurise cylinder with air via spark plug hole. Or if no acess to air remove plug, feed non fraying rope into cyl at BDC, compress rope by turning crank, lock crank with boit thru timing mark hole, dismantle buckets etc. Plug any holes to bottom of motor so not to lose parts, have magnet handy.
  10. You could drop compression with extra head gasket, would take sting out of bike