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  1. playdirt

    TX300 tall rider setup

    6'5 here, Fastway pegs in low position, flexbars with 30mm spacer,ee tall seat but might switch over to seat concepts.
  2. playdirt

    Xplor fork solutions

    Have 2002 520 exc & 17 fe450. 520 had Dicks Racing done when new. The 520 blows away the 450 suspension wise (nearly as fast too). Can't believe Husky dropped the ball this badly suspension wise. if your rock crawling its fine,let it see a whoop or the trail pace picks up it flat out sucks. Had to spend around $1200 to get it to run right ( before Vortex came out) now I'm looking at suspension. The only to help besides springs is running 6 wt oil in the forks plus 20cc extra in the forks. The shock is not far behind the forks. For 10 large I expected better.
  3. playdirt

    yz250x review (off-road dirt bike)

    Had a 2006 YZ 250 I trail rode & raced d-37 expert for 14 yrs. Rebuilt bottom end once in all that time.New piston every year & new rings twice a year. Torn down once year greasing everything along with new suspension fluids/parts. Ran 10-30 in gear box & don't laugh but ran nothing Walmart two stroke oil in it & not the expensive stuff. Never seized it , some carbon on power valves but cylinder head clean. Ran it 40;1. Always received a lot of crap from friends for running that stuff but it never let me down. Ran Evans for coolant .The yz's are great bikes Just show them some love & they'll love you right back.
  4. Sold my trusty 06 yz-250 after riding friends 17. The lack of vibes, 6th gear & the button were too much. In process of setting up bike & looking for bar risers because I'm six five. On the yz I had some 11/2 inch risers with my Fastway tall handle bars but can't find the same risers for the Husky. Any ideas ? Thanks
  5. playdirt


    Have 17 fe 450 with cx & works great.clutch pull feels like stock. after you get used to it you'll love it . After 30 yrs of riding I find still find myself using the clutch lever.
  6. playdirt

    15W oil in WP XPlor to limit bottoming

    Have 17 fe 450 .I'm 6'5" & close t0 300lbs with gear. I have my springs in but they over whelmed the damping. Just swapped out stock fork oil for 6wt & the difference is huge. Ran both adjusters out to full soft I have only 1 ride so far but the difference is amazing. I might even try some 5.5 wt to see if I can get adjusters back into the middle settings. I have TBT do my setups in race bikes but after dumping so much money into the bike already I thought I'd give it try. It's worth a shot to experiment with fork oils & levels.. I was surprised I got the rear shock dialed in with clickers only. Will post more after a couple more rides.
  7. I raced D-37 expert on an 03 YZ 250 as well. Had it revalved by George at ESP & liked it. Bought an 06 with sss loved it stock.It would dance around a little in slow speed rocks but was like magic at high speed. It would soak up big hits,ruts ect & the bike didn't even twitch.If you haven't done so lace up an 18 inch wheel.It was like adding an additional 2 inches of seat foam after racing on the 19 for 2 yrs. Had TbT revalve last year & it was better yet. Find some whoops & spend an hour or so playing with your adjustments including your high speed on rear shock. Sadly leaving my yz for bike with the button.
  8. playdirt

    wide ratio for me ?

    Thanks for replys.I race in the 250 class & would like to stay there so I was thinking 250 xc.I've ridden a 300 xcw that had a hard time pulling fifth hard in a sandwash,that's why I doubts about the wide ratio 250.Your right on about the eg 295. I had put an 360 kit on a early 90's wr & you couldn't tell it had wide ratio in it. I'm also thinking if did gear down a wide ratio to pull fifth like I want first would end up being useless. Not that I condone cheating because I see plenty of it in the grand prix's but would an eg 295 sound anywhere stock?
  9. playdirt

    wide ratio for me ?

    Been trail riding / desert racing since on yz's since 2003.My current one is a 2006.I am tiring of swapping out countershaft sprockets & thinking of going the wide ratio route.I want the opinion of you guys that have done the conversions.Do you think I could pull fifth in sand wash ? My x pro sons friends say I go pretty good for an old guy (I'm 60).I'm 6'5 & push 300lbs with my riding gear on. If there's no hope I'll be on to new orange six speeder.My bike is stock other than fmf mid to top pipe & a Boysen rad valve set up the same.Thanks