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  1. i heard that getting a cr85 front fender does the trick
  2. i was wonderin if i got the bbr triple clamp (which requires 1-1/8 in. bar) and if i got the renthal twin wall bars would the stock grips and throttle housing fit on them? thanks.
  3. Garlena24

    engine swap

    alright thanks torqd... that sucks even though i figured i would run into problems. Another question though... Would i be able to take the swingarm off the crf150r expert and put it on the 230. Also what about the front forks?
  4. Garlena24

    engine swap

    are ya sure? so your tellin me i can bolt the 230 engine right in the motocross crf150r expert frame?
  5. Garlena24

    engine swap

    hey i was wondering if anyone knows if i can put my crf230 engine in a crf150r expert chassis? Will it fit ? thanks, Chad
  6. Garlena24

    cr 85 expert forks

    how much is a reger engineering kit for the 230? an estimate would be nice
  7. Garlena24

    CR80/85 Fork Conversion??

    what do you search for on ebay?
  8. did anyone try this yet? I am in the process of puting cr85 expert components on my 230 and am wondering if you need to get a new front brake resevoir and line or can you use the stock one on it? Also to put a cr85 expert swingarm on, and a works preformance shock will i need a different suspension link or can i use the stock one? Also if anyone has done any of this, please post some pics. Thanks, Chad
  9. Garlena24

    Maxxis IT's??

    I was wondering if i should get the maxxcross IT's for my 230...i ride mostly intermediate terrain and some rocks...need some comments on these and if anyone reccomends anything different.
  10. Garlena24

    230 BBR exhaust

    yea i know what to use...all i wanted to know was what size pilot came w/it. I've jetted my other 230's but never put a BBR on any of em. What Pilot comes with..all i wanna know
  11. Does anyone know what main jets and pilot jets that come with the 230 BBR exhaust system?
  12. Garlena24

    Air filter

    Which air filter should i get for my 230? Putting a BBR pipe,uncorking,& re-jetting. I was looking at a UNI and DT1 on ebay...ether of them any good or should i go with something different...thanks
  13. Garlena24

    Big Bore Kit!!

    Which 250cc big bore kit do you reccomend for the CRF230
  14. Garlena24

    Valve help

    im starting to hear my valves "ticking" pretty bad...how do you adjust them?
  15. Garlena24

    pipe opinions

    Gotcha on that..sry dude my mistake