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  1. WRBarn

    Power-up kit for 2006 CRF230f

    I used an 05 needle on an 06. Worked perfect.
  2. WRBarn

    Silver City Idaho Ride Sunday

    My brother and I rode Reynolds to Silver City today. We got lucky and missed the rain. It dumped in front of us and behind us but all we got were a few light sprinkles. Ate at the hotel, chatted a few people up, and no big get offs. Was a good day.
  3. WRBarn

    what do you think about the rv pass on ma?

  4. Who cares if it's his favorite track or not. You either ride the wheels off the bike or you don't. Champions find a way to win.
  5. Yeah and if Reed doesn't win that one we'll reset the ponts and race in an undisclosed place. And if Reed doesn't win that one we'll reset the points and give stewart a teaspoon of gas and let them race. And then if Reed still doesn't win we'll reset the points, race again with snipers on the track..........
  6. WRBarn

    the REAL KTM 150 sx-f

    Props! Nice job on this stuff...
  7. WRBarn

    KTM 144sx Rippin Up

    Check out the vid of him at Chatteris. He had all the fours by the second corner.
  8. I think thats the one They are going to fix up for the dissidents. I saw it on Out There TV.
  9. WRBarn

    2009 Gear...rediculous...

    Hijack..... Three Jane, congrats on your baby. I saw your blog yesterday. She's a cutie. Back to the post
  10. WRBarn

    2009 Gear...rediculous...

    Seriously, slap a Fox logo on that crap and kids in high school would be wearing it the next day.
  11. I completely agree with the noise issue but it's laughable if you think the decibel reduction is going to stop the enviros from trying to get us off the trails. One of the Washington state guys posted a quote a while back from the nutjobs runnning the state that they just don't want bikes and ATVs on the trail. Now if someone can make us quiet and invisible you might have something.
  12. WRBarn

    Travis Pastrami

    Great the track will be littered with metal ramps and slip and bleeds with a foam pit at the finish line.
  13. Hey good story. That made me laugh. My first time went something like that. Got roosted by kids and what not. Still had fun though. Keep going, you get better every time. Don't worry about the people crying you shouldn't be out there. An open track is an open track.
  14. WRBarn

    Longview Playday Video + 1 blown KTM tranny

    Good video. I like it. Good shot going into the corner right toward the end before the tranny puke.