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  1. Apologies for the brief interruption again but reporting back on the shift drum stop replacement - the new stop fixed the problem jumping out of gear entirely, it was an 11.00 part was all. The new part does not look very durable either, the bearing is loose even when brand new. If the bearing comes apart again I will try to fit the older 05 style which is just a solid wheel instead of the bearing. It appears like the spring, stop arm, and bolt all need to be replaced to fit the older one though since the arm is a different shape where the spring attaches. Thanks all. Sry again for the interruption (Now back to your regularly scheduled programming... )
  2. kawasaki owner here - but just pulled apart my friends 06 yz450 and the shift drum stop (arm with wheel at the end) now has a bearing instead of a wheel. Looks like a change in 06 to improve shift feel. Well anyhow the balls came out of the bearing and left the inner and outer race, and the bike would not stay in gear on a heavy load since the shift drum was not being held in place but only slightly at the detent. I pulled it apart and I was able to get the small (1mm) balls out of the case with a magnet fishing around the sump. I am going to replace the arm this morning and see if I can retro-fit the 05 stop with the wheel and not bearing, and spring to the 06. I came here hoping I would see a lot of people with this problem and a retrofit ok, or a bulletin and upgraded part from yamaha. I'll post my findings later this week. In the mean time I suggest anyone having this problem of jumping out of gear or sloppy shifting, and a bike at 100 + hours, to look at the shift drum stop and see if the bearing has come apart.
  3. rhalsted

    black fork guards for 06

    I have the Acerbis in black. Doublecaser is right... part numbers were wrong @ Acerbis. Call them direct if you can't get your dealer to behave.
  4. rhalsted

    04-06 rims

    bump for no response I'd like to know this too. I switched my 04 kx125 rims to my 03 kx125 with only a change in spacers on the front wheel. Now my wife has a 03 kx125 that every now and then I need one of her wheels (shhhh). I checked Kawis web site and the rear hubs are the same part number across the board so the rear should work (less the sprocket and possibly the disk diameter), anyone tried switching out the fronts?
  5. rhalsted

    Electric start for a kx 250 f ?????????????

    I had to cut the foam in my wifes 03 kx125. It ended up being almost 4 inches!! I bought an sdg seat as to not hack up the stocker and left about one inch above the seat pan was all. I know it doesn't sound like much foam left but I kept having her test sit to see if she could feel the pan or it felt uncomfortable. It turned out suprisingly well, I've ridden it and it is still comfortable for me. The only concern is blitzing whoops or something that kicks the back of the bike - the back of the seat will still slap you in the butt really hard. The only way around that is to lower the subframe in the back, which is a huge process. Good luck, hope that helps.
  6. rhalsted

    KX250F 06 - recall from the factory in US?

    Hey guys. First post... I called Kawi customer service about this and they said they have not heard of it. Seems for real though so is Kawi not getting notified about this? I believe it takes three case they be notified of.