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  1. Anyone at all
  2. Hi some buddies of mine have met up with a guy here in Vilseck named Dave. He has a connection to some land and wants to build a motocross track for both dirtbikes and quads. We are looking to start a club but need some more intrest before we can get anything started. If you are intersted in riding email dave at daveleach@yahoo.com or daveleach61@hotmail.com You can get me on here or at vogey4@gmail.com Especially if your in the military on vilseck or graf please come out even if you dont have your bike here yet. There is also horse riding availible for the wife and kids Thanks Scott
  3. Anyone in Germany? I am looking for people and places to ride in Germany. Is there anyone out there?????
  4. Anyone know anything? Maybe some good websites or something?
  5. Hey everyone, I just got stationed at the rose barracks in Vilseck Germany. I was wondering if anyone new any places to ride in the area? Or if any of you wanted to ride? Scott
  6. Which bike shop are you talking about? Thanks for all the info!!!
  7. Ive been here about a month now. And it seems like the only tracks I can find to ride on are longview and toes. And the closest trail riding I can find is Belfair. Is there anything close to the puyallup area say within 30 min that you can ride during the week after work or something?
  8. I just got the new troy lee designs SE stunt helmet. The light weight is definitly worth the money. Not too mention that it is the most comfortable helmet ive ever had
  9. That thing is crazy looking! It doesnt look rideable to me. Never seen anything like that. I bet its hard to ride
  10. I was hoping to go riding today but my partner backed out on me. So now Im sitting here on the web pouting.
  11. Im riding on Monday.
  12. Im located at Ft Lewis. Me and 3 of my buddys from work will be at the dez 100 hope to meet a few of you there
  13. I think Ill be there
  14. I really want to ride track, but you know anything is good. Rite now Im really just looking for some good places too learn how to ride
  15. Hey everybody! Im new to not only dirt bike riding but to the area as well and was looking to see if some of you wouldnt mind taking a guy out and showing him some places to ride? I just bought my first bike a YZ250F. Scott