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  1. California

    I'll let you stoke those flames.
  2. Does everyone know that Moto Xotica in Vacaville is now a Beta dealer? Just thought I'd mention it 'cause I never saw any threads talking about it. It works out great for me because they are just down the street. He has a couple of 400's in there now an rr and an rs.
  3. California

    Tapeleg, thanks for showing me around! You were a great trail boss. I enjoyed the company very much. I'd ride with you guys again any time.
  4. California

    I'm driving a blue dodge truck... Beta and maybe a KTM in the back if my buddy can make it. See you at 9
  5. California

    Yeah, my enthusiasm level for this ride just droped 10 points with YZ's comment....now I feel like a bad person for wanting to do bad things.... like go riding at Georgetown. I planned on playing nice and everything.
  6. California

    One mans nightmare can be another mans daydream.... Got any valleys of doom or switchbacks of death? I love that sh#t!
  7. California

    I probably have seen about 80 percent of the trails that are on the map, and have been 4 times I think. I just don't like having to stop at every intersection and bust out a map. Plus I know there are a lot of trails up there that are not on the map... I think that's why they say "Georgetown sucks"
  8. California

    There was a ride posted last week to go to stoneyford on here and it ended up being just me and one other guy after several hundred views.... yeah, some forum. Oh well, not to worry... I got your back.
  9. California

    I called this morning and "all the trails are open". I was also told that their was a lot of work being done right now to clear the trails from debris.
  10. California

    I should be able to join you Saturday. With all this wind somebody should bring a saw! I've been meaning to get one to carry in my Camelback. I'll see what they have at Lowe's tomorrow.
  11. California

    I enjoyed the ride and eveyones company. I would ride with you guys any time!
  12. California

    I'll be looking for you...gonna stage out of little stoney though. See you on the trail:ride:
  13. California

    I am for shure going...Blue Dodge truck, Beta 450. Leaving Vacaville @ 7:00am sharp.
  14. California

    I am driving up from Vacaville if anyone is interested in staging from my house or Home Depot/Lowes parking lot in Vaca...I can haul 3 in the truck and 4 in the trailer. I think the conditions will be great tomorrow.
  15. California

    Yeah... PM sent. So far it looks like you, me, and Dan's old boss going. My usual M.O. is to stage out of Little Stoney arriving there at 9:00, But I'm cool with whatever. I also like to put in at least 50 miles of as much single track we can get.