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  1. Click on Eric the Motocrosser and give him a vote. Its a showcase for talented kids on Cartoon Network. http://www.cartoonnetwork.com/promos/props/
  2. Same rider, same jump, different day on a KX 125
  3. Motoland is right and it is the "Super Bob" the big uphill double double. www.motoland.com
  4. That's my kid who is very rough on his bikes. He's 15 and it's very expensive to keep his stuff going.
  5. Indiana practice track
  6. We have broken at least 30 spokes some on the front but mostly rear. We have tried Honda OEM and Excel both and none seem any better. Last weekend at Red Bud he broke 12 spokes out of the rear coming up short on a huge table top. The kid is rough on all his bikes, he is either on the gas or the brakes and nothing in between.
  7. The rear hub is different on the 150r. A CR85 sprocket will not fit. The idea of the 420 is to get the HP to the ground. We are used to chains stretching comming off of KX's we just buy new chains all the time. 35 or 40 bucks will get you a gold one. Good luck on whatever you decide.
  8. http://www.kingsburymx.com/ says that the Pro track is 90 percent open. What does that mean? Has anybody been out there to look? It must be ridable or he would cancel.
  9. Looks like a good spot for Motoland pics.
  10. It's round one torrent.
  11. I'm watching it now just add the folder to a VLC playlist. Your right the quality is not the best but it's better than no video at all. My thanks to the uploader for their effort.
  12. So close, yet so far..... stuck at 99.6%
  13. Arenacross at the Sears Centre http://www.checkeredflagproductions.com/08chicagoiljan.htm
  14. I had a feeling I would open a can of worms with the name of that town. Where did you see a Harley dealer last time you rode at Vaughn's? Stroud's was by the old Midwest KTM location. Hawthorne was not far from the practice track that we never call by name.
  15. I had forgotten there was a track at lake eliza. Those pictures were taken at Hawthorne in Valparaiso it was run by the owners of Stroud's Harley Davidson. Larry Stroud was fast in those days and rode a Harley MX for awhile. Some people might remember some motocross racing at Illiana Speedway a few years later. Everybody knows that the G-Man and Perry raced all the Indiana tracks.