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  1. never take it for granted that you know how to wheelie!!! i could say that i have experience too, started riding at 16, have been doing wheelies every since. i've done on dirt bkes through all gears, quads for days on end, even an "illegal" 120 mph pass at englishtown racetrack in new jersey!! and this last sunday i went down. not bad a couple stiches the, always road rash but no bones and what not. but getting to my point, cover the brake dont take your lil 400 for granted or it will put you on your ass!!!!!!!!!
  2. i agree
  3. yosh yosh yosh
  4. kick his ass teach him a lesson....all this take it easy shit and "timeout" this and "timeout" that..........kick his ass
  5. i say rock it baby!!! ride it like you stole it.....haters could suck it
  6. tru dat...thanx people
  7. go over to the suzuki section on this sight and search mods!!! get ready to read!!! search 3x3 mod....fcr....big bore.....jet kit
  8. what looks better the stock sm front fender or the aftermarket ones? anybody got side by side pics?
  9. what maintenance? ???? just oil and ride the balls off it!!!
  10. funny!!!!!!!!
  11. hey what kinda air pressure are you running for commuting and how do you like it?
  12. check out media section....... then the video section
  13. holy shit!!!!!!!!!
  14. following along......