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  1. I'm new to ktm's, but i've road hondas since i was a little kid. Anyway I'm picking up a 2000 sxc 400 for next to nothing and want to use it to put back and forth to work daily(about 20 miles roundtrip). I hear the LC4 is super reliable with basic maintenance, so i think this should work out good? Its not gonna see a whole lot of dirt so i really wanna slap some 17's on it. Where can i pick some up for a reasonable price? What year factory rims will work or should i just have some built? Thanks Dan
  2. A kid at work has a bike he got for a trade and he can't handle and is looking to dump it for less than 2 grand. The bike says 400 sxc on it, but i checked the vin here http://www.ktmcyclehutt.com/checkvin.htm. VIN # VBKEXJ402YM324331. So according to the EXJ it should be a 2000 400 EXC not an SXC? The bike is in great shape, but I'm just not to sure what it is. It has a left kick, has headlights and turn signals. I mostly looking for something to ride to work(about 20 miles roundtrip back roads). Would this make a good light commuter? How tough would it be to plate this thing? And i'd like to swap on some SM wheels and tires how feasible is that? This would be my first KTM, but i've rode Honda dirtbikes since i was 6. Thanks. Dan