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  1. hillclimbguy

    Where did you ride?

    Hi KEN. Miss the group rides. Riding is like Piutes on steroids , no whoops, no Leo's waiting for u on trail to do sound checks or probe the mufflers.Real wilderness here. I got a call a while back. We lost a great friend and rider. Was sad to here. Take care
  2. hillclimbguy

    Where did you ride?

    Hi BEN. I live here
  3. hillclimbguy

    Where did you ride?

    Been a long time since I posted here. In a new area, Grants Pass Oregon to be exact. The riding is great but not the same without my buddies.
  4. hillclimbguy

    Southern Oregon trip May 3-8

    Fairly new to the area. I have ridden Johns Peak and a member of MRA. Love what the club has done. California could learn a lot from this. I don't get up there as much as I like. But do love the poker run. Well put together programs. But I am looking for riding areas close to where I live. GP area... Wasn't sure where to post this.
  5. hillclimbguy

    Walt Nitto (9Lives) Services

    Gonna miss u Walt. This guy did some of the best ride reports ever. He would ride ahead just to take pictures of the group. He showed me some good riding areas and introduced to me to some of my very good friends. Truely a gentleman , and a good friend. I will miss u Walt, but never forget u. R.I.P.
  6. hillclimbguy

    Just moved to Bend Oregon!

    Found a ride being put on by MRA. It's a poker run at an OHV area called Johns Peak. Looks like fun. I'm signed and will give ita whirl. Looks like a big event for the area. I've heard good and bad about the area, but the ground is wet so that should make for a fun day.
  7. hillclimbguy

    Just moved to Bend Oregon!

    My move here was a choice I made financially and a divorce. Not complaining. It's an excellent place to live. I lived in Benton county when I was in highschool. But things out of my control, moved to So Cal. There was a time when California had alot of nice areas to ride, and there still are a few. I'm sure Oregon had alot more at one point also. I'm just glad I'm here, and don't have the two hour drive anymore. But I do miss my riding group and the good times. Riding alone never stopped me from going and know how dangerous it is. But it beats sitting home on the couch. So if that's what I need to do, then it's off trail hunting.
  8. hillclimbguy

    2014 300XC-W

    I came off an 06 YZ 250. It is a great bike. But either I had to gear low for tight stuff or gear up for desert. I found a great deal on an 2011 300xc. This bike is the bomb. E start, 6 speed, lighting coil and plenty of power to do any hill I wanted. I can't say good or bad about the XC W. But the XC has plenty of gear to do what I want. I mainly do tight trails in the tree. Hope this helps you.
  9. hillclimbguy

    Just moved to Bend Oregon!

    Hey buddy, I've done a little riding here. But miss riding with the guys. Mountain biking here is awesome.
  10. hillclimbguy

    Just moved to Bend Oregon!

    Wow!!!. I'm in Grants Pass. I posted some a, looking for riding area or people to ride. I too came up here from So Cal. I didn't any replies. I guess it's a " GO BACK WHERE I CAME FROM"
  11. hillclimbguy

    Riding Sunday

    New to the area and looking for local riders
  12. hillclimbguy

    Riding Sunday

    Anybody riding in the grants pass area on Sunday?
  13. hillclimbguy

    GPS Options, Smartphones etc

    Yes they are. I'm in my 50s. So much nicer to have that sudden jolt smoothed out. My shoulders and arms feel better at the end of the day. But kind of limited to space on bars for clamp on accessories.
  14. hillclimbguy

    GPS Options, Smartphones etc

    I have flex bars on my ktm. I did rig up a band to hold my gps to cross brackets. It will work for now.
  15. hillclimbguy

    GPS Options, Smartphones etc

    Yes , was asking. Thank you. I need to invest in a holder for my handheld gps. Sucks having to stop and check my direction. Especially me being new to pacific northwest.