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  1. kroymander

    SSR question

    ok, so it sounds like the 110 would probably do it for me, now outlawpowersports.com has two different SR110s, the SR110DX and the regular SR110. is the DX worth the extra $135? And the gearbox, is it definitely 1 down, 3 up? or is it all 4 down?
  2. kroymander

    SSR question

    or if there are any other bikes i should look at, with cost being more or less the most important factor, manual w/clutch also a must, wheelie capable, etc..
  3. kroymander

    SSR question

    Hey guys, new to the pit bike scene. Haven't done any dirt riding at all actually, started with street bikes, have a CBR now that i've been practicing stunting on. Basically, i'm looking for something much less expensive, with much more suspension travel that will be much more forgiving when doing wheelies and other stunts and tricks so i can practice.. While i'm at it i'm sure i'll get into some dirt riding also, but nothing too serious or competetive. After listening to the advice from a few of you, i've been looking at an SSR125-C4. Now, i also noticed the even less expensive SR110-DX and what i'm wondering is this.. Will i be able to pull wheelies easily on the 110? I love the idea of having a true manual with a clutch and 4 gears (fan of the 1 down 3 up config also as it's what i'm used to) So if the 110 has that same setup, which it seems like it does, and i can pull wheelies just as easily with that, i'd rather spend less money. I'm 6'2" 180, so size is a little bit of a factor, and judging by the 10" wheels on the DX, it seems like it might be significantly smaller.. Too small? Too slow? any thoughts?