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  1. what motor do you have currently?
  2. i'm getting the 150 motor, so i'm getting rid of my 146 motor. PM me any q's
  3. that is awesome! i'll be there...i hope to see you on the podium
  4. i'm racing 10A
  5. same w/ sat nights i usually stay at home to get the bike ready for sunday, unless of coarse there's a sat night race somewhere.
  6. hahahahahahahaha...that's great
  7. yea, me too
  8. i just found, scanned, and emailed it to u now...u'll have to mind the grease haha, i got messy putting them in Applied sends u the new holders with theres
  9. oohhhh...on the post like thing the sping is on, is there a little hole there? it's been a while since i done it, i would look but i have sano lt6's now...but from memory there should be a hole with a metal thing in it that u hit out. just take a hammer and a punch. kinda hard to explain, i prolly have the instructions in the garage...let me know and i can scan them and email them to u
  10. after readin about how pitsters are faster then a crf50 or klx110 just made me remember why i never come to this forum anymore. ur ganna tell me a 8hp 125 engine is better then a 9 hp crf50 w/ 88 super i even have to bring up the 119 dohc or the 124 dohc...yea i didn't think so. i'm not hatin pitster b/c i know not everyone can afford to build a crf or klx and some ppl just aren't that much into pitbikes so they get a decent cheap bike. but don't come on here saying that it's better, b/c thats bull$h!t.
  11. take the bolts out on the upper triple clamp...pull the rubber seal down, look up at the fork'll see a circle clip with a hole at each end, just sceeze it together and pull the fork tube out
  12. um...the only one i have on this computer is on my 50...mind the cowboy hat, we had to take funny pics that day
  13. i'm from chambersburg pa, i ride many diff places. would do pics on here but i'm to lazy hahaha sorry...if you wanna see it check out where are you from?
  14. i couldn't imagine paying that much just to have a starting gate
  15. mx track. areanacross tracks typically will have jumps or whoops everywhere and typically the jumps will be steeper. an mx track will usually have some smaller jumps and tabletops that you can learn on. and like mikerides33 said, mx track will be rougher which will make smooth (like most arenacross tracks) seem easy. good luck