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  1. Nice vid and awesome bike. I know you like to short shift it, IMHO that was a tad excessive though. At 3:05 you let it wind up to pass that car = niiiice:thumbsup:
  2. YzGuy79

    Spark Plug

    Ha! This will really tie your brain into a knot! Honda changed the CDI on the 05-09 R. It takes a different plug than the 04 R did. However, the 04-09 X takes the same spark plug as the 04 R did. Got that? Not using the correct plug with the correct CDI will cause the CDI to overheat and short out.
  3. The picture really isn't that clear, I know. But in person, the plug looks to be in great shape. Used, of course, just nothing that stands out as a problem. These damn plugs are expensive, is all I know.
  4. What do you guys know about these spark plugs? The real $$$ ones for the 4 strokes? I checked the carb, it was clean. Next, installed fresh plug. Voila! Bike started on first kick and ran great. The following pics is the old plug. It may be hard to tell. But, it doesn't look bad. I can't tell with these new fangled platinum-gold-kryptonite-mouse nut hair-wire plugs they use these days? What do you think? I remember 4 stroke plugs lasting several years. The wire tip is a little shiny, but everything is intact and realtively clean.
  5. Smart ass. It's been hard to start in 90* as well as 70*, like today.
  6. Oh yeah it runs awesome after it's warmed up. No hiccups, no bog. Real crisp throttle response. It's just when I first get it off the truck that it struggles to start/ keep running.
  7. Yes I've done a search, but nobody posted this perticular problem before. I have an 06 and this thing is a bitch to start when cold. I checked and adjusted the valves this past May. Bike has only been ridden 3 times since then. After adjusting the valves, I started the bike. No problem whatsoever. No strange noises, no struggles. 2 months later I went riding and could barely get it to keep running. Here's what I do: Turn gas on Tip bike over to get a little fuel flow pull choke out 3 snaps of the throttle It will start within one or two kicks. But it isn't happy about it. It's back firing and missing like mad. It will only run with choke on. I can roll onto the track and within two or three turns, reach down and turn the choke off. Once the bike is hot, it'll start with one kick. And run like a wet dream the rest of the day. No problem. What is going on here?
  8. Find yourself a mid-90's Dodge Cummins with a 5 speed. It doesn't matter if it has 15,000 miles or 200,000 miles. They'll run damn near forever. Screw Ford and GM in the diesel engine dept. Neither of those will come close to the longevity of a Cummins.
  9. One more thing. Stay away from the kits. They are way overpriced IMO. If you have a good muffler shop close by they can build you a system for almost 1/2 the cost of a pre-fab. My truck will be getting a Cherry Bomb Extreme system very soon. There not glasspack ratty, but they ain't quiet either
  10. It's your call, your truck. But you go installing even a chip and you might as well wipe your ass with the warranty papers. That will be all they're worth.
  11. If you put 4.10's (I recommend) or 4.56's in that truck it'll be a whole different animal. Yes, initial cost will be high (about $1,200) But the Hemi really comes to life with lower gearing.
  12. I'm sorry I don't have any more info. He says it was a local alignment shop discovered it, after a few customers came back with tire wear problems. He hasn't been back there in a while because he hasn't needed tires.
  13. A co-worker has the same truck you do. With the same problem you do. It turns out the alignment specs from GM are WRONG in the book. My friend found a shop that set his truck up properly after they discovered how far off GM was and adjusted accordingly. You need to call around and find a place that has dealt with the Canyon/Colorado alignment issues. See what they do to correct it.
  14. YzGuy79

    Cheap skid plates

    I'm looking to start a little more off road with my 06 CRF. I'd like to get a skid plate for it. But the price of even the basic "glide plates" are $70!! They go up from there:jawdrop: Anyone else think this is a little nuts for a bent peice of aluminum? Anyone know of a cheaper solution?
  15. Don't sweat it kid. The only thing diesels have in common with gassers is that they have pistons that go up and down. They are totally different animals. And different tuning theories.