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  1. garrinobrien


    9000 really? are they the dual compound version or the supermoto shoes?
  2. garrinobrien

    husq prototype

    that sucker looks light, i really like some creative thinking with placement of the few components on a proper naked bike ie. the rad
  3. garrinobrien

    sick head light mod for you holligans out there.

    way to make a much cooler version of the duke II light setup, looks fly
  4. garrinobrien

    sick head light mod for you holligans out there.

    so your gonna run a dual rotor dual caliper setup soon thor?
  5. garrinobrien

    drz400sm carb question

    william, massive repository that he is, is reiterating something ive read as well. if i remember correctly theres a webpage named "common drz mods" or somesuch that has a breakdown of the costs to convert an s model to e factory carb, i think it came out to $1200+ dollars. even saving 30% itd still be twice the price of a tt kit
  6. garrinobrien

    Conti vs Pirelli

    i dont have any experience with the strada but the contis are great, sticky as hell and ok offroad on the hard stuff too. like it was mentioned above, any sumo tire sticky enough to be super fun will burn up in 2-4k miles, the contis are nice cause theyre cheap
  7. garrinobrien

    would a front rain tire work for commute?

    what kind of life are you getting out of that race wet front there akis?
  8. garrinobrien

    Super cool axle tool

    i use a galvy bolt , 3/8" i do believe and some vice grips. fits snug as a bug in a rug and cost nada
  9. garrinobrien

    Where can I order "Sweetcheeks" from?????

    so the idea is a 2-liter under each sit bone for a nice air ride? how does this doohickey compare to a sheepskin cover?
  10. garrinobrien

    Yet Another What 2 Buy Thread - Husky610sm vs DRZ400sm

    just so ya know an already modded drz can be found in cali pretty easily, i bought mine with an fcr, pipe and a big ol tank for essentially no additional money
  11. garrinobrien

    Geo Metro Towing Dirtbike

    As a guy with a bike worth 2x my truck, i both know where geo dude is coming from and suport him. Im all for the cheapest possible trip, if I could take my bike on a train up to cow mountain, Id buy ticket #1
  12. garrinobrien

    XR100 idea

    whats the $ on that one camrennie?
  13. garrinobrien

    Ktm 690 Smc Pics

    man we should import some of your cops over to the left coast, ours are all stiffs
  14. garrinobrien

    Someone Shoot me I put D205's on my SM!!!

    yea dude theres a way, it just takes some shimmy and some wiggle
  15. garrinobrien

    Mother of all Fat Bars.

    so whats the skinny on those big ol bars, how big are they? whered you get em n how much if you dont mind me asking? i think they are a sweet looking option, im thinking about going to fat bars on my sm myself. Looks like theres a little trouble with handguard mounts no?