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  1. marshmello1

    Alessi is a tard, tool, and fool all in one.

    Alessi has been one of my favorites for a while now. I remember adding him on myspace a couple years back. I started messaging him wishing luck on the new team, suzuki at the time. maybe two weeks later he messaged me thanks for the support and sent me out a signed jersey to my door free of charge. Right now I think his emotions are getting the best of him, He seems to have the speed. He needs to up his endurance and he will be a podium contender.
  2. I saw another thread on here about the electric dirtbikes, and whether or not theyd be able to compete. Maybe a week ago i saw this episode on speed makers and how this one exotic/sports car company was making 300 hp+ cars. Fully electric, and the motor was maybe the size of civics car tires now remember were talking 300 ponies, factory 450's are pushing alittle over 60? why cant this be made possible?
  3. marshmello1

    this guy has a supercross license???

    I was watching a couple other videos of his on youtube, hes seems to be extremely passionate (sp?) about riding his dirtbike. props to him for going out there and giving it a shot.
  4. marshmello1

    Searching for this MX video.....

    james stewart monster boys back in the day malcom stewart
  5. marshmello1

    I would like to thank

    Started this thread for conversation, dont like it stay out. If your a mod, delete it, I'm not losing any sleep tonight. With over a thousand views im sure some appreciate it.
  6. marshmello1

    Roczen on the 350

    guess we cant say much about the power on the 350 after that holeshot roczen pulled over reed and stewart in the heat race
  7. marshmello1

    Supercross I would like to thank

    the James stewart yard sale committy, monster energy and kawasaki, because with out him.. I mean them none of this will be possible:lol: potos been crazy fast and smooth lately but without stewy endoing over that tripple, he would of had nothing for him. I think my heart skipped a beat when i saw that. trippling over that wall was crazy even after ghost riding his yamaha. Figured id share whats on my mind
  8. marshmello1

    malcolm stewart

    You want a reality tv show that does'nt get any realer ? watch the JOISEY SHAW
  9. marshmello1

    Roczen on the 350

    a different vid of him on the 350
  10. marshmello1

    Roczen on the 350

    helmet cam of roczen on the 350
  11. marshmello1

    Roczen on the 350

    I personally think decoster is getting desperate, shorty and alessi arent on the box or even in the top five, and hes hoping roczen can do it. How do I feel about it? I think its freaking awesome.The cameras might be off stewart, rv and dungey for a couple of minutes and we can see a 16 y/o ride a 350 balls to the wall, unlike the more experienced shorty and alessi. If i was decoster i wouldnt let this happen, but im not. Im not the team manager, i dont call the shot but I am a huuge supercross fan and would love to see any sort of spice that can be added. Hers a vid of ken on the 350 http://motocross.transworld.net/1000107804/news/ken-roczens-ktm-350sx-f/
  12. marshmello1

    all this 350 talk has me wondering?

    ^^ thats what im getting at. Alot of down talk on the 350, but not alot of people remember that villopoto beat everone at des-nations on a 250f. 2007 1. Ryan Villopoto (250)...USA 2. Chad Reed (450)...Aus 3. Ricky Carmichael (450)...USA 4. Sebastien Pourcel (450)...Fra 5. Jonathan Barragan (450)...Spa 6. David Phillipaerts (450)...Ita 7. Tanel Leok (450)...Est 8. Steve Ramon (450)...Bel 9. Tommy Searle (250)...Eng 10. Nicolas Aubin (250)...Fra
  13. How would hansen, morais, barcia or wilson stack up in the 450 class on a ktm 350? I do believe it is a "little" underpowered, but does it give a full explanation on shorty and the number 800's finishes ? I think not. Especially Alessi, alittle over a year ago he was challenging bubba on a ton of out door races. Now he cant even make a sx main event. Now as far as shorty goes, he was always a consistent top runner ( 3rd - 5th) now hes barely breaking the top 10 ? I do understand that there are a handful of threads out there about the 350, but none on your opinion of how you guys think the top lites guys will stack up in the big boy class on a 350.
  14. marshmello1

    Alessi Has No SACK !

    Ive been looking for lap times but i cant find them anywhere.. im sure it has alittle to do with that 350 but i can see hanny running top 5 or 6's on that 350.
  15. your kps fork stickers, bike looks cool tho