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  1. WFOracer

    cool jeff shuck videos

  2. WFOracer

    james stewart is the man!!

    Reminds me of those guys at BR that keep hitting the same jump over and over....right bundy?
  3. WFOracer

    For our wives, girlfriends etc...

    I'd hit it.
  4. WFOracer

    2 days of riding

    CRFan, you and mini should get out there and check that place out. Just go when there is a 0% chance of rain, so he'll be open. This is still one of my favorite tracks...right up there with Walnutz
  5. WFOracer

    Oh good lord

    What about posting some pics of the new digs? I saw one somewhere... maybe MJs. Edit: Nevermind....I just saw your website and no pics of the new place
  6. WFOracer

    Oh good lord

    Hey Moose, how about a link to your shop? TT will more than likely put the kabosh on it though.
  7. WFOracer

    Buffalo Range Helmet Cam 8/31/08

    Dude, you need to ride other tracks....how many more BR videos and pics can we take (bait thrown) BTW, does the video skip some sections?.....I miss the 2 smoker sound.
  8. WFOracer

    Barn finds... Such a thing anymore?

    $350 for this 78 KX250A4 .... you can see the guy had it chained to a piece of farm implement!
  9. WFOracer

    Who's going to Wedron?

    Business must be slow....eh?
  10. WFOracer

    Why so few MC moto park practice dates?

    Hahaha, definitely the sign of an alcoholic....dude, get some help.
  11. WFOracer

    Woohoo I Got A Ktm 144!!!!

    I heard teh 144s had some engine issues (to go along with the $h!tty suspension issues)
  12. WFOracer

    Why so few MC moto park practice dates?

    It's 7:42....are you not drunk enough to find that funny...or are you coming off your buzz and nothins funny.
  13. WFOracer

    Ottawa accident in the news

    X2, well said. RIP lil buddy
  14. WFOracer

    Motoland bans quads and minis

    Well said Bruce
  15. WFOracer

    Walnut rental vid Shuck Triple Footage

    So, he didn't wake up from all the noise you make when you get up?