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  1. AKColby

    whats a good price for 05 crf 250r?

    I got my 05 with the Bailey kit for $3800 with works connection rad guards, last august. Maybe talk him down a bit
  2. AKColby

    David Bailey Retro Graphics kit?

    I have it on my bike...I'll get a pic up later
  3. AKColby

    Powder coating wheels ??

    New bike Old bike
  4. AKColby

    Powder coating wheels ??

    Oh, I did a race plus 5 hours then I sold it, not one mark. Dude if you're smart enough to take your wheels apart and do it....you won't be dissapointed
  5. AKColby

    Powder coating wheels ??

    I'd do the wheels and stuff before the frame, wheels on my 125 were done and they looked good.
  6. AKColby

    Pics of your CRF 250's

    It's well worth it, just don't get to pissed when you scratch them
  7. AKColby

    Pics of your CRF 250's

  8. AKColby

    powdercoated rims

    No need to plug the holes
  9. AKColby


  10. AKColby

    david bailey plastic kit

    I believe they have the kit here. http://www.bobscycle.com/